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Business Plan For an Agrochemical Company: Example and Proven Strategies for Success

Last updated on August 6th, 2023 at 06:37 am


On popular demand, hundreds of our readers are asking for a sample of an agrochemical company business plan which they can use to apply for a loan. Like never before, there are lots of credit facilities for small businesses in Nigeria and across the World.

The credit facility is a swift response to combat the effect of coronavirus or COVID-19 which crippled hundreds of businesses across the World.

A free business plan template can on this guide


To access most of the available loans, you are required to submit a business plan. For instance, you are expected to submit a business plan to access the CBN SME loan which ongoing.

Also, no hardly can a financial institution grant your SME loan application without a business plan.

Putting this in mind, we shall be pushing out a sample of business plan for your business. In this post, we’re dealing with a business plan for an agrochemical firm.

You can adapt this plan for your own use to obtain a loan from the government and financial institution.

NOTE: The CAC certificate number used in this post is not real. Any form of coincidence is regretted.

This is sample is to serve as a guide for you, there are more comprehensive plan out there, depending on the kind of loan you are applying for.

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The front page of your plan should look like this:


RC No: 0784647

Business Plan

March 2021

Prepared by

Said Charles


Phone No: 07011111111

…Quality Agro products, bumper harvest

About Infoculture Agro Chemicals

Infoculture Agro Chemicals was licensed by the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2018 to deal in industrial chemical supply to boost agriculture

Infoculture Agro Chemicals is headquartered in Zaik City, Bulum Road, Jinjo State, Nigeria.

It is owned and managed by Said Charles

Executive Summary

Since Infoculture Agro Chemicals came into the agro-supply business, we have played a major role in reducing the number of fake agrochemicals in Mangu and its environs.

Hence, due to the trust the customers have in our products, we want to expand to other towns and villages and cover the entire Plateau State.

If farmers have access to quality agrochemicals, produce will be increased thereby contributing to the GDP. This will also reduce loss by the farmers. Hence, we want to make sure that they get unrestricted access to these agrochemicals.


  • Agro-industrial chemical supply and services
  • Supply of agro-allied products
  • General merchandised and trading


Our products like herbicide, fungicide, weed crusher go for different prices which range from N2,200-N1,350, insecticide 100ml goes for N800, 250ml goes for N900 etc.

Target Market

Infoculture Agro Chemicals targets both local farmers in Jinjo State and its environs. These are carrot farmers, maize farmers and others who want to increase their productivity through the use of original agro-allied products to increase production,

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The company’s competition is:

  • Zitty Agric Supplies
  • Zitty Agric Supplies is known for its massive supplies of agro-allied products in Mangu.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths1. Offers original agro products   2. Home delivery 3. Visit to farms to offer to advise to farmers on how to increase production 4. Trains farmers in local dialects on how to identify fake productsA general manager with a decade of experience
WeaknessesPoor road networksLack of experience workforce
OpportunitiesThe concentration of farmers in local areasAvailable online platforms to promote the products for distributors
ThreatsSafety risksFake products

Market Plan

The market plan will consist of promoting the Infoculture Agro Chemicals on different social media platforms and advertising in local dialects through SMS.

Flyers will be handed out to farmers on their farmlands and giving discounts for the first 200 customers.
We will also partner with farmers’ cooperatives, organise workshop to enlighten farmers on the use of original products.

Operational Plan

Infoculture Agro Chemicals will have a total of 10 employees assigned to different towns and villages.


Most of the employees are paid using the commission model

Hand out flyers and limited-time discounts for prospective buyersSaid BrightDaily
Collate phone numbers of farmers and send SMSZinbi DuruDaily


Said Charles

Chief Executive Office (CEO)

Bintu Shaka

General Manager

Projected Costs

Agro-allied purchases$2380.00
Equipment and facilities$1570.00

Final thought:

Make sure you succinctly point out what your business is all about, foreseen challenges and how you plan to overcome them.

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Also, analyse how you plan to spend the loan you are applying for. Remember, this is a business plan for an agrochemical company.

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