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Master the Art of Crafting a Two-Page Business Plan To Secure Your Loan (with a Proven Template)

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Writing a creative, yet simple two-page business plan is essential to the success of would-be SMEs at a time when there are more than 10 CBN-backed loans to apply for.

If you want to win the necessary financial support from the government or private organisation, you need a well-conceived and well-packaged plan.

A sample of a business plan can be found


Is it a goat farming or turkey farming business? Be creative in your business roadmap, make sure it contains the most important things for your business.

Your plan must succinctly describe the proposed budget in an attractive way. In doing this, your plan must provide information on the following:

  • Present status
  • Current Needs
  • Expected future

It must also present and justify ongoing and changing resource requirements, marketing decisions, financial projections, production demands, and personal needs in a logical and convincing way.

Types of business plan

  1. Basic
  2. Standard
  3. Premium

Usually, the basic business plan is between 10-12 page, but you don’t really need that volume to apply for the CBN loans in Nigeria at the moment.

With a two-page business plan, you’re good to go. In fact, a one-page business plan can adequately convey your message.

This means that you should be able to explain your business to anyone within one minute or 60 seconds as the case may be.

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The importance of a one-page business plan is that it makes your business memorable when the opportunity comes up to share your ideas with people who are willing to grant you a soft or interest-free loan.


How do I write a simple two-page business plan?

Apart from letting you have access to loans, your business plan which is your road map also guides you to execute your plan effectively.

It also enables you to minimize duplication or unnecessary deviations from the main plan and be more focused

Often time, many small business owners put off the project, not because of the complexity of the planning process, but because there is no one to help, we’ve got here all you need to write a loan-winning business plan within 60 minutes.

InfomediaNG will help you clearly explain who your customers are, what your marketing and sales activities will be, and what your product or service offerings will be.

Let’s get started with a two-page business plan format:

Below, I’ve listed the key points you need in your business road map get a loan from your bank. They are:

  1. Business name
  2. Customer Problem
  3. Business Model
  4. Target Market
  5. Marketing and Sales
  6. Management Team
  7. Financial Summary
  8. Potential Obstacles
  9. Funding

All you need to use this sample is to add a few sentences to each of the functional planning numbered one through nine

Business name

You can’t operate as an anonymous. Your business must have a unique name different from existing ones.

You must avoid trademark violation when coming up with your business name. A simple Google search would give you an idea if someone is already using the intended name.

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Customer Problem / Your Solution

  • What are you planning to sell?
  • Who are your target market or customers?
  • How will your product help people?

Business Model

  • What are your charges?
  • What’s the cost of your product or services?
  • What are the means of payment?
  • How else will you make money from the new project?

Target Market

  • Who are your customers?
  • How many of them are there?
  • Is your product or services meant for the younger ones or the old ones?
  • What is your competitive advantage? Why will a customer choose you over a competitor?

Marketing and Sales

This is definitely your marketing strategy, how do you plan to implement them to get new buyers and retain existing ones?

“Any organisation in which marketing is either absent or incidental is not a business and should never be managed as if it were one,” says Drucker,

The section should be able to demonstrate what is unique about your business in order to win the necessary support of the customers.

  • How will customers hear of your business?
  • What marketing strategies are there for you to expand your business?
  • What models are you using to encourage referrals?

Management Team

  • Who will be the brains to carry out these key business activities?
  • What are the antecedents of your team?

If you’re running alone, you should be able to tell the world what success you recorded in your previous assignments.

Financial Summary

  • How will you manage the business when the business is a success?
  • What level of the sales revenue?
  • What number of customers?
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Potential Challenges

There is no business without potential challenges. Everything can not be rosy all the time, most especially from the start.

How do you plan to handle such challenges when they come your way in the course of implementing your business plan?

What are the potential obstacles or challenges you anticipate?


What funding do you require to kick-start the business?

How much would be enough for a takeoff?

Clearly state the amount you need for a takeoff. If it’s N250, 000 clearly state it, if it’s N1,000,000 let it known.

A free business plan template can be found at

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