Guidelines To Calculate GPA In Polytechnics (With Sample)


The National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) released a new grading system for polytechnics in Nigeria during the 2019/2020 academic session.

The new grading system is known as the Standardized Unified Grading System, that is what most Nigerian polytechnics use today.

Standardized Unified Grading System for Polytechnics in Nigeria

Here is the grading system, letter grade, and grade point used in Nigerian polytechnics:

Mark by percentageLetter GradeGrade Point
75% & aboveA4
Below 40F0.00

You will use the above grading system to calculate your GPA and your CGPA at the end of a session.

Grade Point Average (GPA) in the Poly

GPA is your overall performance during an entire semester. It is arrived at by means of a weighted grade point average, obtained by awarding credit points in respect of each course multiplied by the numerical value of the grade obtained.

OsunPoly Iree is one of the state polytechnics in Nigeria

Your weighted grade point in a particular course is your grade point multiplied by the units attached to the course.

Sample of GPA Calculation In Polytechnics in Nigeria

Assuming your courses in FIRST SEMESTER and credit unit is as follows:

  • Principles Of Accounts (ACC 111): 3 unit
  • Computer Appreciation I (COM 111): 3 unit
  • Introduction To Entrepreneurship (EED 116): 2 unit
  • Communication In English (GNS 101): 2 unit
  • Fundamentals Of Marketing I (MKT 111): 3 unit
  • Business Mathematics I (MKT 121): 3 unit
  • Consumer Behavior (MKT 113): 3 unit
  • Principles Of Economics I (MKT 114): 2 unit
  • Principles Of Selling (MKT 116): 3 unit
  • Practice Of Purchasing (PAS 111): 2 unit
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Course codeUnitScoreGrade LetterGrade Point
ACC 111371AB3X3.5=10.5
COM 111384A3X4=12
EED 116277A2X4=8
GNS 101259C2X2.75=5.5
MKT 111372AB3X3.5=10.5
MKT 121354CD3X2.5=7.5
MKT 113352CD3X2.5=7.5
MKT 114257C2X2.75=5.5
MKT 116371AB3X3.5=10.5
PAS 111263BC2X3=6
TOTAL26  83.5

GPA=83.5 (Total Grade Points) DIVIDE BY 26 (Total course units) = 3.21

SECOND SEMESTER courses and their credit units:

  • Consumer Behavior (MKT 123): 3 unit
  • Principles Of Selling (MKT 126): 3 unit
  • Practice Of Purchasing (PAS 211): 2 unit
  • Principles Of Accounts (ACC 121): 3 unit
  • Business Mathematics II (MKT 122): 3 unit
  • Computer Appreciation II (COM 121): 4 unit
  • Communication In English (GNS 102 ): 2 unit
  • Principles Of Economics II (MKT 124): 2 unit
  • Fundamentals Of Marketing II (MKT 121 ): 3 unit
  • Introduction To Entrepreneurship (EED 126): 2 unit
Course codeUnitScoreGrade LetterGrade point
MKT 123371AB3X4=12
MKT 126374AB3X3.5=10.5
PAS 211259C2X2.75=5.5
ACC 121364BC3X3=9
MKT 122355C3X2.75=8.25
COM 121478A4X4=16
GNS 102272AB2X3.5=7
MKT 124266B2X3.25=7
MKT 121372AB3X3.5=10.5
EED 126268B2X3.25=6.5
TOTAL27  92.25

GPA=92.25 (Total Grade Points) DIVIDE BY 27 (Total course units) = 3.41

Calculating CGPA in Polytechnic (for both semesters)

Total Cumulative Point= 83.5+92.25=175.75

Total number of credit units for 1st and 2nd semester=26+27=53

175.75 DIVIDED BY 53=3.3

Therefore the CGPA for the ND1 is 3.3 (Upper Credit)

Standardized Unified Classification of Diplomas in Poly

  • 3.50 & above: Distinction
  • 3.00–3.49: Upper Credit
  • 2.50–2.99: Lower Credit
  • 2.00–2.49: Pass
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Is CGPA in Poly The Same As University?

Calculating CGPA at the Nigerian Polytechnic has the same procedure, however, grade points, grade of letter, grade points, and class of grade in the poly are different from what they used in the university.

Polytechnics use the Class of Diploma while Universities use the Class of Degree. Also, grading system in Nigerian university is different from what is obtained in the polytechnics.

What is the meaning of a 3.0 GPA in the poly?

3.0 GPA means Upper Credit in the polytechnic

Is 2.9 a good GPA in Polytechnic?

2.9 is classified as Lower Credit in the polytechnic

How is GPA calculated in Nigerian polytechnic?

GPA in the polytechnic is calculated by dividing the Total Grade Points by Total course units in a semester.

Does polytechnic use GPA?

Yes GPA is used in the polytechnic as Nigerian university

What is the highest GPA in Nigerian Polytechnic?

The highest GPA in the polytechnic is 4.00, which is classified as a “Distinction”, according to the standardized unified classification of Diplomas.

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