Top-Up Programme: Nigerian Universities Where You Can Convert HND to BSc

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On November 23, 2021, the House of Representatives passed a bill titled “A Bill for an Act to Abolish and Prohibit Dichotomy and Discrimination between First Degree and Higher National Diploma in the Same Profession/Field for the Purpose of Employment; and for Related Matters”, the action of the lower legislative chamber is similar to the same bill passed by the House of Senate on June 9, 2021.

The bill is aimed at prohibiting employers in the country from discriminating between first degree and Higher National Diploma (HND) holders.

Are Polytechnic and University Graduate Equal in Nigeria?

Practically, HND holders have repeatedly shown that they are more technically qualified than their counterparts with University degrees. Unfortunately, it seems no one cares about that in the labour market.

If you are an HND holder, don’t rejoice over the National Assembly Bill to Abolish and Prohibit Dichotomy and Discrimination between First Degree and Higher National Diploma. Because an employer will not tell you why he places a BSc or BA holder over you.

The discrimination between polytechnic and university graduates is unofficial. As such, it’s advisable to upgrade your HND to BSc and in this post, we’ve compiled a list of universities where you can convert HND to a university degree in Nigeria.

Following what some graduates from the polytechnics described as stigmatisation, the desire of HND holders to obtain a university degree continues to grow. But instead of starting afresh, some Nigerian universities now have a special programme called HND to BSc conversion or top-up prgramme.

Tips about converting HND to BSc Programme

1. Steer clear of any advert which claims that you can convert HND to BSc within three months. It’s FAKE!

2. HND conversion is run as a part-time programme at Nigerian universities

3. HND conversion is also known as Top-Up degree programme

4. It is better to run the top-up programme in Nigerian universities than the study centre of some of the foreign universities whose authenticity is doubtful.

5. Beware of dubious individuals who pose as university agents.

6. Some of the information you need about the top-up HND conversion programme can be found on the official portal of the university that runs such programme.

  • HND lower credit and above
  • Sometimes, O’level depending on the institution.

The good news…

We have more than a dozen of universities in Nigeria that run top-up HND conversion programme.

Some of them, have study centres spread across the country for easy accessibility while more universities are jumping on board to run the programme. See the full list below:

HND Conversion Universities in Nigerian (HND to BSc)

List universities that convert Higher National Diploma to Bachelor of Science in Nigeria are:

  • University of Lagos
  • Saint Monica University (SMU), Cameroon
  • Lagos State University
  • University Of Ibadan
  • Kwara State University
  • Alhikmah University
  • Babcock University
  • Federal University Oye-Ekiti
  • Ajayi Crowther University
  • Ignatius AJuru University Of Education
  • Haute Ecole de Gestion et de Technologie (HEGT) University, Benin republic
  • Bells University Of Technology
  • Delta State University
  • Wesley University

University of Lagos

Popularly known as UNILAG, the University has eight courses ready for conversion to BSc in the following courses: Marketing, Economics, Public Administration and Banking and Finance.

Others include Accounting, Business Administrations, Insurance and Secretariat Administration.

In one of our posts, find more details about UNILAG HND conversion.

Saint Monica University

Also known as SMU, Saint Monica University is Cameroonian higher institution which has offices in Calabar, Lagos and Ikom.

SMU has two courses for conversion, they are:

  • Registered Nursing to Degree
  • Lab Technician

HND Conversion at Lagos State University

At LASU, the top-up programme is available in the following courses:

  • Electronic and Computer Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

More details about HND conversion at LASU can be found HERE

University Of Ibadan

This programme is available on all courses. However, it is done through a Direct Entry programme.
Applicants with Upper credit during their HND programme can apply for the University of Ibadan Direct Entry programme.

Such applicants will be admitted to 300L,

Kwara State University

At KWASU this programme runs for six semesters in a select few courses. Candidates are issued BSc at the end of their programme. You can find an in-depth analysis of the programme in one of our posts.

Alhikmah University

Another HND conversion university is Al-Hikmah, one of the cheapest private universities in Nigeria,

Within two years, you’re done. For requirements and tuition fees, check out our post on Al-Hikmah University Topup HND/BSc conversion programme

Babcock University

Babcock is one of the HND Conversion Universities in the following courses: Accounting, Business Administration, Political Science and Public Administration.

Others are Banking and Finance, Computer Science and Mass Communication.

HND conversion at Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE)

FUOYE is well known for this programme. The programme isn’t exclusive for HND holders, it is also designed for those who want to remedy their first-degree result e.g someone with a Pass or 3rd Class. The good part is that FOUYE has more than 30 courses under its topup programme. You can check FOUYE requirements for topup programmes in our of our articles.

Ajayi Crowther University

Ajayi Crowther University is also an institution offering an HND conversion programme in Nigeria. One of the programmes offered by the ACU is Degree of Bachelor of Environmental Health Science.

Method of Application:
  • Visit to download the application form
  • Fill and submit to the institution main campus at Oyo-Ogbomosho road, Oyo

Duration: 3 years

Ignatius AJuru University Of Education

IUAE is among HND Conversion Universities in Nigeria. A source told InfomediaNG that the top-up programme lasts for a year at IUAE.

Haute Ecole de Gestion et de Technologie (HEGT) University, Benin republic

In the Republic of Benin is HEGT which runs a programme in a top-up degree programme in the following courses: Accounting and Finance, Theater Arts, Business Administration and Electrical Electronics Engineering.

Others include Human Resource Management, Marketing and Psychology.

HND Conversion Bells University Of Technology

Another HND Conversion University in Nigeria is Bells University. It isn’t limited to HND alone, a 3rd graduate can also apply to graduate with higher grades.

Delta State University

Available courses at DELSU for HND conversion programme are Fine and Applied Arts, Marketing, Banking and Finance, Accounting, Business Administration and Mass Communication.

Others include Engineering, Computer Science, and Office Technology Management.

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  1. Thanks for ur post, pls which university can I have my HND converted to bsce and that has study centre in Lagos if possibly island precisely

    I study statistics but would like to convert to statistics or economics

  2. Alhamdulilahi Robilalamin, May Almigthy God increase you in all your wiches. Thanks for your post,it really gave me a lot of insight to this program and how it is run.
    I stay in calabar.. I have HND in Mechanical but I can not find TOP UP PROGRAM in University of Calabar and I want to study any of the following;
    1—Mechanical engineering.
    Please, kindly help me here in calabar or nearby

  3. Apart from Ignatius ajuri university of education is there any other university in ph that is offering the conversion cse..2 Does delta state university who is offering the programme presently has a campus or study center in ph..Essie Emmanuel thanks

  4. I am really impressed with your research work on the listed universities. But I will like to know if there is any university in Lagos that will accept my Higher Diploma Certificate obtained from OOU consult for a top up or conversion.




  6. Sir, pls. Iam sunny from Benue, which of these universities run online conversion? I want to join the program. My email is I want to convert my hnd marketing to bsc marketing. Kwasu will be close I think. Thanks.

    • None of them runs a complete online class at the moment. You’ll have to be on campus unfortunately all schools are closed. Wait till covid-19 pandemic is sorted out.

  7. Good morning…I want to make an enquiry about Ekiti State University….I know of about 4 annexes in Lagos…,I want to confirm whether it is legit before venturing into it

  8. Thanks for your post,it really gave me a lot of insight to this program and how it is run but my course of study is not here.
    I studied estate manage and valuation but no University running top up program on your list offer it.
    Please,can a research be made for me.


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