Smile data plan LATEST PRICES


The fight to control the data market in entered a new phase in the last two weeks as the major provider continues to slash their prices. In this post, we’ve compiled the latest prices for smile data plan in Nigeria.

smile data plan latest prices

Those whose areas are covered by smile confirmed smile speed, meaning they enjoyed fast browsing and downloading, and streaming smoothly.


6 important things about smile data provider

1. It is an internet service provider and a leading 4G LTE mobile broadband provider in Nigeria and other African countries.

2. Smile service isn’t limited to data, but voice services provider

3. Smile coverage in Nigeria include: Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Onitsha, Asaba, Benin City and Ibadan

4. It is headed by a social entrepreneur Irene Charnley who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Smile.

5. It is the first operator in West Africa to offer its customers Voice over LTE services.

6. Its products include Smile Wireless (Wi-Fi) Router; Smile MiFi Router; Smile SIM Only; SmileVoice; Data Bundle Packages.

So, let’s see latest prices for smile data plan

Smile data plan LATEST PRICES

The categories of data plans on smile are:

  1. Smile unlimited lite
  2. Unlimited essential
  3. Unlimited premium
  4. Value Plus
  5. Bumpa value
  6. Anytime
  7. Midnite
  8. Weekend Only

Smile unlimited lite:

The unlimited lite is available in Asaba, Abuja, Benin City, Ibadan, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Onitsha, and Kaduna.

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Price: N10,000

Validity: 30 days

Roll over: unknown

Unlimited essential data

This is for data plan for those who spend more time on the internet. At the time of this report, we can’t authoritatively confirm unlimited data cap.

Validity: 30 days

Price: N15, 000

Smile unlimited data cap: Unknown

Smile Unlimited premium

This is similar to the unlimited essential, but the unlimited data bundle is even more huge than the essential.

Price: N19,800

Unlimited premium data cap: Unknown. However, a friend who is using it claimed he had never at a time ran out data while on the unlimited premium plan.

Value Plus

The smile value plus data plan is in seven categories. They include:

  • 31GB
  • 11GB
  • 21GB
  • 15GB
  • 7GB
  • 5GB
  • 1.5GB

So how does value plus work on smile data plan latest prices. See how it works below:

31GB Valus Plus

Price: N11,000

Validity: 30 days

How it works: 50% during the day, 50% for the night

11GB Valus Plus

Price: N5,000

Duration: 30 days

How it works: 50% during the day, 50% in the night

21GB Valus Plus

How it works: 50% during the day, 50% for the night

Validity: 30 days

Price: N8,000

15GB Valus Plus

How it works: 50% during the day, 50% for the night

Price: N6,000

Validity: 30 days

7GB for N4,000

Validity: 30 days

How it works: 50% each day and night

5GB Value Plus data

Price: N3,000

Validity: 30 days

How it works: 50% during the day, 50% for the night

1.5GB smile value plus data plan

Validity: 30 days

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Price: N1,000

How it works: 50% during the day, 50% for the night

Smile data plan LATEST PRICES Bumpa value

The Bumpa value is three categories

  • 80GB
  • 60GB
  • 30GB

In the bumpa value, validity varies, depending to the bundle you prefer.

80GB Smile Bumpavalue plan

Validity: 120 days. That’s for four months.

Price: N40, 000

60GB Bumpavalue Plan

Price: N30, 000

Validity: 90 days (Three months)

30GB bumpaValue data plan

Price: N15,000

Validity: 60 days.

Smile Anytime data plan

This is in five categories, see how it works below:


Price: N135, 000

Validity: 12 months

100GB AnyTime smile data

Duration: One year.

50 GB AnyTime data plan

N36, 000

Duration: 12 months


Price: N16, 000

Validity: 12 months

10GB AnyTime data plan


Validity: 12 months

Smile night data plan

Data: 3GB

Browsing hours: 12AM till 6AM

Validity: 7 days

Price: N1,500

Smile weekend data plan

Data value: 3GB

Operating days: 9PM Friday till Sunday midnight

Price: N1,500

You can also check the available Airtel data services, on daily, weekly and monthly if the network is great in your location

Smile customer care

Having an issue? You can reach out to the customer support of the smile data provider to resolve your issue.

You can visit the official portal of the smile and chat with any of the available customer representatives.

Or its social media accounts:

Find the company at SmileCommunicationsNigeria Facebook.

On Twitter, @/smilecomsng

On Instagram, @smilecomsng

That’s all and you can share this post with your colleagues who might be interested in Smile data plan latest prices.

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