How To Print JAMB Examination Slip

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The JAMB examination slip is an official document containing a candidate’s personal information, exam schedule, and other relevant information pertaining to the exam. In this post, we’ll show you how to print or re-print your JAMB slip.

Your JAMB Slip contains the following details:

  • Center of exam
  • Date of Exam

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What’s the official portal for reprinting of JAMB slip?

JAMB’s dedicated portal for printing and reprinting of UTME exam slip is

How to Print or Reprint 2020 UTME JAMB Exam Slip

There are two different methods to print UTME exam slip:

  1. On exam slip jamb portal
  2. On jamb e-facility

Let’s explore the two methods:

Print UTME exam slip via JAMB portal

Step 1: Visit Jamb slip portal at

Print JAMB e-slip

Step 2: Input Jamb registration number

Step 3: Click on print examination slip.

Print UTME exam slip via JAMB e-facility

Step 1: head straight to

Print JAMB e-slip 2

Step 2: Enter your Jamb email address

Step 3: Enter your Jamb password

Step 4: Click on Login

Step 5: Scroll down and click on print UTME Main examination slip

Step 6: Enter your JAMB registration number in the provided space and

click ‘Re-Print’.

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That’s all.

If you are having any problem regarding this, contact JAMB or drop your message below. If what you want is to check your UTME JAMB result, we already have a guide on how to go about it


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