Zulum promotes Igbo woman

Gov Zulum promotes Igbo woman Obiagelli Mazi whom he rewarded with N100K earlier

Last updated on December 19th, 2023 at 03:42 pm


Hard work pays even when you think no one is looking. It pays, one day someone would come your way to appreciate your effort. That’s the story of Mrs Obiagelli Mazi.
In our earlier post where Zulum ‘splashes’ N100K on Mrs Obliageri Mazi, we reported the touching story of an Igbo woman from Abia State Mrs Obiagelli Mazi who was rewarded by Borno State governor, her promotion has come less than 48 hours she had an encounter with Professor Babagana Umara Zulum.
In a press release exclusively obtained by InfomediaNG from Mallam Ameen Amshi, the governor announced her promotion.

Mrs Obiagelli, woman in viral video with Borno Governor, gets promotion from class teacher to assistant headmistress

A level 12 class teacher, Mrs Obiagelli Mazi, who was encountered by Borno Governor, Professor Babagana Umara Zulum 6:30 am on Friday, has been promoted to an assistant headmistress.

Executive Chairman, Borno State Universal Education Board, SUBEB, Dr Shettima Kullima conveyed the promotion on Saturday after his recommendation was approved by Governor Zulum.

Governor Zulum had during an outing 6:30 am on Friday to assess public institutions, encountered Mrs Obiagelli already at school, waiting for her pupils. The woman who hails from Abia state has been teaching for 31 years. Zulum met her at Shehu Sanda Kyarimi 2 Primary school under Jere local government education authority.

Overwhelmed by Mrs Obiagelli’s dedication, Governor Zulum commended and rewarded her with personal cash of N100,000 nearly three times her monthly salary of N35,000.

In addition, Governor Zulum directed executive chairman of Borno State Universal Education Board to review the woman’s civil service position, her qualification (which happens to be NCE) and recommend her promotion. 24 hours later, the SUBEB chairman contacted the Governor recommending Mrs Obiagelli’s promotion from class teacher to assistant headmistress.

He said even though the woman was not a graduate her 31 years teaching experience and commitment coupled with an executive order by the Governor have earned her the promotion.

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