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Countries in North America and Their Currency

Last updated on May 10th, 2022 at 12:01 am


By land area, North America is the third-largest continent in the world which spans 24.71 million km². It is made up of 23 countries.

With 592,296,233 people living it, the United States of America has the highest population in that continent having 329.5 million people according to the 2020 World Bank sources.

However, by land area, Canada is the largest in North America covering 9.98 million square kilometres. By that size, Canada is also the world’s second-largest country by total area.


Of all the 23 countries in North America, America and Canada have the most buoyant economy and their currencies US dollar (USD) and Canadian dollar (CAD) are the most popular and used means of exchange.

Other currencies in that continent have their independent currencies but they are not as used as the USD and CAD. In fact, the USD is the most currency in global trade, followed by the Euro (EUR).

Below is a list of the North American countries and the name of their legal tender.

Antigua and BarbudaEastern Caribbean dollar (XCD)$
BarbadosBarbadian Dollar (BBD)Bds$
BahamasBahamian Dollar (BSD)B$
BelizeBelize Dollar (BZD)$
DominicaEast Caribbean dollar (XCD)$
CubaCuban peso (CUP)$MN
CanadaCanadian Dollar (CAD)C$
Dominican RepublicDominican peso (DOP)RD$
Costa RicaCosta Rican colón (CRC)
GrenadaEastern Caribbean dollar (XCD)$
GuatemalaGuatemalan Quetzal (GTQ)Q
El SalvadorSalvadoran colón (SVC)SVC, BTC
HondurasHonduran Lempira (HNL)L
JamaicaJamaican Dollar (JMD)JA$
HaitiHaitian Gourde (HTG)G
MexicoMexican peso (MXN)Mex$
PanamaPanamanian balboa (PAB) B/
Saint Kitts and NevisEastern Caribbean dollar (XCD)$
NicaraguaNicaraguan Córdoba (NIO)C$
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesEastern Caribbean dollar (XCD)$
Saint LuciaEastern Caribbean dollar (XCD)$
United States of AmericaUnited States Dollar (USD)$
Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago dollar  (TTD)TT$

Dependent Territories In North America

North America also houses more than 24 dependent territories, but two of them are disputed (Bajo Nuevo Bank and Serranilla Bank).

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It should be noted that some of the dependent territories are highly sought-after vacation locations. For instance, Bermuda, Bermuda and US Virgin Islands among others.

Below is a list of dependent territories in North America and the sovereign countries that claim them

British Virgin IslandsUK
Cayman IslandsUK
Clipperton IslandFrance
Saint BarthélemyFrance
Sint MaartenNetherlands
Saint MartinFrance
Turks and CaicosUK
Puerto RicoUSA
Navassa IslandUSA
US Virgin IslandsUSA
Saint Pierre and MiquelonFrance
Sint EustatiusNetherlands
Serranilla BankUSA and Colombia
Bajo Nuevo BankColombia, Jamaica, USA

Note: Research has also shown that some extremely wealthy people around the world use some of the dependent territories to hide their wealth.

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