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If you need to call any other country or you received a call from an unknown caller, you can simply know where the call is from using the international dialing code.

If you are the one making the call from another country, you will also need to use the international dialing code as prefix before you call get across to the other end.

Here is the complete guide to make a call from anywhere, and to anywhere in the world.

For instance, the Nigeria’s country code +234 will allow you to call Nigeria from outside the country from wherever you are.

The international dialing codes is also known as the International direct dialing (IDD) or international subscriber dialling (ISD).

Dialing international number on your mobile phone

On your mobile phone, you might not necessarily see “+” but the plus sign is aligned with the key “0”.

You can use the “+” by holding the “0” to get the “+” followed by the country code.

International dialing codes for African countries

Here is the compilation of international dialing codes for all the 56 African countries.

Note that it’s possible for you to get a virtual phone number of another country right in your own country that would make your receiver think you are making the call from another country.

For instance there is a way to use +257, which is Botswana’s code, right here in Nigeria and vice versa. That’s technology.

That’s another topic for another day, check the international dialing codes for all countries in the African continent.

Algeria: +213

Angola: +244

Benin: +299

Botswana: +269

Burkina Faso: +226

Burundi: +257

Cape Verde: +257

Cameroon: +237

Central African Republic (CAR): +236

International Dialing code for Chad: +235

Comoros: +269International dialing code-africa

Democratic Republic of the Congo: +243

Republic of the Congo: +242

Cote d’Ivoire or Ivory Coast: +225

International Dialing code for Djibout: +253

Egypt: +20

Equatorial Guinea: +240

Eritrea: +291

Eswatini (formerly Swaziland): +268

International Dialing code for Ethiopia:+251

Gabon: +241

Gambia: +220

Ghana: +233

Guinea: +224

International Dialing code for Guinea-Bissau:+245


Lesotho: +266

Liberia: +231

Libya: +218

Madagascar: +261

Malawi: +265

Mali: +223


Mauritius: +230

Morocco: +212

International Dialing code for Mozambique: +258

Namibia: +264

Niger: +227

International Dialing code for Nigeria: +234

Rwanda: +250

Sao Tome and Principe: +239

Senegal: +221

Seychelles: +248

International Dialing code for Sierra Leone: +232

Somalia: +252

South Africa: +27

South Sudan: +211

Currency: Pound

Sudan: +249

Swaziland (renamed to Eswatini): +268

Tanzania: +255

Togo: +228

Tunisia: +216

Uganda: +256

Zambia: +260

Zimbabwe: +263


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