Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work in America (2024)


Every year, an American website headquartered in San Francisco, California, allows former and current employees of companies to review their current or former workplaces. The overall reviews on Glassdoor are used to rate companies.

This year, the website listed consulting firm Bain & Company, NVIDIA, ServiceNow, and MathWorks as the top best companies to work for in the United States.

Others on the list include Procore Technologies, Deltek, and a family-owned car washing firm, Crew Carwash.


Unfortunately, top technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Meta didn’t make the top 10. Although they have performed well in the past, recent events such as employee layoffs have impacted their rankings.

Here are the top 10 best companies to work in the U.S. :

1) Bain & Company

  • Sector: Management Consulting
  • Founded: 1973
  • Number of Employees: 15,000 (2022)

This isn’t the first time I’ve read reports that Bain & Company has a friendly environment for its employees.

The Massachusetts-based firm’s areas of strength include strategy, operations, marketing, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, digital, advanced analytics, and cost management.

With a revenue of $5.8 billion in 2021, Bain and Company is rated as one of The Big Three management consulting firms in the United States.

The company had a tough ride from 1987 to the early 1990s, but strategic moves led to profitability and growth, thanks to Romney and Orit Gadiesh, who served as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman, respectively.

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  • Sector: Technology
  • Founded: 1993
  • Number of Employees: 26,196 (2023)

On April 5, 1993, when Nvidia commenced operations in Sunnyvale, California, U.S., its founders were on a mission to make it one of the best.

However, they may never have anticipated its rapid growth to become one of the top players in the technology industry.

With headquarters in Santa Clara, California, the company generated $26.97 billion in revenue in 2023.

Nvidia’s stock has been soaring recently, with reviews citing factors such as work flexibility, workplace culture, public perception, and focused leadership playing significant roles in the company’s success.

It’s no wonder Jensen Huang was recently rated America’s most popular CEO by the professional social networking site Blind.

Nvidia specializes in the design of graphics processing units (GPUs), application programming interfaces (APIs) for data science and high-performance computing, as well as system-on-a-chip units (SoCs) for the mobile computing and automotive market.

The company is also a dominant supplier of artificial intelligence (AI) hardware and software.

3) ServiceNow

  • Sector: Technology 
  • Founded: 2003
  • Number of Employees: 22,647 as at the end of 2023

Formerly known as Glidesoft (2003–2006), former and current workers of ServiceNow say the developer of cloud computing platform that helps firms manage digital workflows for operations is a nice place to work.

In 2018, ServiceNow was ranked number one on Forbes’ list of the most innovative companies in the world.

It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is also a constituent of the Russell 1000 Index and the S&P 500 Index.

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4) MathWorks

  • Sector:  Technology 
  • Founded: 1984
  • No. of Employees:  Over 6,000

MathWorks specializes in mathematical computing software.

Its major products MATLAB and Simulink are used in aerospace, automotive, which support data analysis and simulation.

Its other products include Polyspace, SimEvents, Stateflow, and ThingSpeak.

5) Procore Technologies

  • Sector: Technology 
  • Founded: 2002
  • No. of Employees: Over 2,000

Procore Technologies is a construction management software firm headquartered in Carpinteria, California.

6) In-N-Out Burger

  • Sector: Fast Food
  • Founded: 1948
  • Number of employees: 27,000

In-N-Out Burger is among the oldest fast food  restaurants in the United States, with major outlets in California and some parts of Arizona, Oregon, Colorado, Idaho, and Texas.

7) Deltek

  • Sector: Technology 
  • Founded: 1983
  • No. of Employees: 3,686

Deltek is ranked as the 7th best place to work in the U.S. Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, the company sells software to government contractors, engineering, architectural, accounting, and consulting firms to manage customer information, financial and project accounting, project management, risk management, and enterprise resource planning.

8) 2020 Companies

  • Sector: Marketing 
  • Founded: 1991
  • Number of employees: 83

2020 Companies provide Retail Sales & Events, Digital Marketing Tools, Training & Brand Advocacy. 

Headquartered in Southlake, Texas, 2020 Companies offers helps brands improve their retail marketing efforts.

9) Fidelity Investments

  • Sector: Financials
  • Founded in 1946
  • Number of employees: 70,000

Apart from being one of the largest asset managers in the world with $4.3 trillion of assets under its portfolio, Fidelity Investments also ranks among Glassdoor’s top 10 best companies to work for.

Its services include management brokerage firm, managing a large family of mutual funds, life insurance, wealth management, and providing fund distribution, among others.

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10) Crew Carwash

  • Sector: Services
  • Founded: 1948
  • No. of Employees: More than 1,000

Crew Carwash is one of the largest carwash companies in the U.S.

The family business, which was founded in 1948 by Joe Dahm, deploys advanced technology, including computer-controlled equipment and touchless hot air dryers, in its car washing operations.

While compiling this list, we came across reviews from an employee of Crew Carwash who stated that they had been with the company for seven years and had risen to the position of General Manager at one of the outlets.

“I love every single manager I have worked with here. They have all become my friends and have developed me into my role.”

He however said hard-work is the key to achieve your goal and move up the ladder very fast as an employee of Crew Carwash, “you will feel appreciated. We have a great culture here that builds you up and is designed to build your character.”

Another shift manager who dropped a review on Indeed says:

Fun workplace but it is very stressful and has high standards. The pay is very competitive though. Overall a very fun job with room for growth.”


Best places to work are not only determined by wages or other benefits companies provide to their  employees, but also by their dedication to creating an enabling environment, fostering opportunities for growth, encouraging collaboration, and fostering innovation.

These factors ultimately contribute to the success and happiness of employees.

If you are highly paid in a toxic environment, it’s of no use.

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