Explore the 27 EU Countries: The Full List

Since the formation of the European Union (EU) in 1993 following the ratification of the Maastricht Treaty by all members of the European Community (EC), the 27 member states have achieved many things. Some of the achievements of the EU include peace and harmony, a cross-border harmonization agreement and, of recent, agreement and cooperation by member states … Read more

Which Companies Generated Highest Revenue in 2021?

Walmart’s 2021 annual financial report shows that the American multinational retail corporation made more than a half trillion dollars in revenue, making it no. 1 largest company in the world by revenue generation. Walmart closely followed by another American multinational e-commerce firm Amazon, one of the world’s valuable companies. Although, Walmart generated $102 Billion more … Read more

100 Most Valuable Companies in the World

Google Adsense PIN

The most valuable brands in the world are a diverse group of companies that span a wide range of industries. From tech giants like Apple and Amazon to consumer goods companies like Coca-Cola and Nike, to financial institutions like Visa and Mastercard, these brands have all managed to build a strong and loyal customer base … Read more

8 Ways to Make Your Vote Count

ways to make your vote count electoral system

One of the popular sayings among citizens of countries where they’ve lost confidence in their leaders and the electoral system is that “election results have been decided before the actual casting of the ballot”. It sounds complicated, but they say so because of the persistent rigging of elections. For instance, some Nigerians believe that their … Read more

List of 23 Ministries in Oman

ministries in Oman

Located in Earth’s largest and most populous continent (Asia), the Sultanate of Oman is one of the 22 members of the Arab League which can be found in the Arabian Peninsula. The country practices what is politically known as diarchy: a combination of two systems of government: unitary and an absolute monarchy. As complicated as that may sound … Read more

Ranking Countries in Human Capital Index

Singapore ranks No 1 in World Bank Human Capital Index

A country that pays little or no attention to human capital development cannot possibly reduce poverty to the minimum. A conducive environment and enabling policies are needed for people to achieve their potential. Singapore is ranked as the best country in the latest World Bank’s Human Capital Index.  The Asian country scores 0.9, the highest … Read more