List of Nigerian States Ranked By Their Gross Domestic Product (GDP)


In terms of consumption of goods and services, total investment, net exports, and government spending, the 36 states in Nigeria are not equal. All these economic indicators put together contribute to states’ Gross Domestic Product.

This table lists Nigeria’s 36 states by their estimated total GDP in 2021 according to a 2022 report by BudgIT, Nigeria’s civic organisation that uses technology to create awareness about governance.

The BudgIT report estimates were in Naira, but we used the USD/NGN exchange rate on CBN to calculate the Dollar value of their GDP

Statesin Nairain US Dollar
1) LagosN41.17 trillion$29.78 bn
2) RiversN7.96 trillion$5.75 bn
3) Akwa IbomN7.77 trillion$5.62 bn
4) ImoN7.68 trillion$5.55 bn
5) DeltaN6.19 trillion$4.47 bn
6) AnambraN5.14 trillion$3.71 bn
7) OndoN5.10 trillion$3.69 bn
8) OgunN5.03 trillion$3.63 bn
9) BayelsaN4.63 trillion$3.35 bn
10) Niger N4.58 trillion$3.31 bn
11) KadunaN4.31 trillion$3.11 bn
12) BenueN4.27 trillion$3.08 bn
13) KanoN4.20 trillion$3.03 bn
14) Cross RiverN4.07 trillion$2.94 bn
15) EdoN3.99 trillion$2.88 bn
16) KogiN3.69 trillion$2.66 bn
17) OyoN3.65 trillion$2.64 bn
18) AbiaN3.53 trillion$2.55 bn
19) KatsinaN3.32 trillion$2.40 bn
20) SokotoN2.85 trillion$2.06 bn
21) AdamawaN2.66 trillion$1.92 bn
22) BauchiN2.63 trillion$1.90 bn
23) EkitiN2.35 trillion$1.70 bn
24) OsunN2.30 trillion$1.66 bn
25) EbonyiN2.24 trillion$1.62 bn
26) JigawaN2.16 trillion$1.56 bn
27) GombeN2.10 trillion$1.51 bn
28) TarabaN2.04 trillion$1.47 bn
29) BornoN1.96 trillion$1.41 bn
30) NasarawaN1.86 trillion$1.34 bn
31) KebbiN1.80 trillion$1.30 bn
32) ZamfaraN1.73 trillion$1.25 bn
33) PlateauN1.50 trillion$1.08 bn
34) EnuguN1.45 trillion$1.04 bn
35) KwaraN1.38 trillion$998.50m
36) YobeN1.09 trillion$788.67m
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