'God Supports Stealing: 11 Most Corrupt Police Force in the World

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The Police Force in any country should be the custodian of law while protesting their people, but the reverse is the case in some countries around the World. In this post, I’ll share with you 11 most corrupt police force in the World.

It is understandable that globally every country has their own way of dealing with the issue of corruption but police force should one of the cleanest security agencies that should be trusted.
Below is the list of the 11 most corrupt police force in the world. In the countries listed here, the police forces are extremely corrupt and they are not trusted by their citizens.
Most Corrupt Police Force in the World

11 countries where citizens have lost confidence in their Police Force because of corruption

  1. Sudan
  2. Russia
  3. Haiti
  4. Mexico
  5. Nigeria
  6. Kenya
  7. Iraq
  8. Somalia
  9. Burma
  10. Afghanistan
  11. Pakistan


Officials of the Sudanese Police Force are alleged to be extremely that they pay little attention to investigating human-rights abuses.
Police force in Sudan have been reported several times of making arbitrary and unwarranted arrests.
Most of Sudan’s police officers take bribes on a regular basis from citizens thereby hampering investigations and due process.


There are exceptional officers among the Nigeria Police Force, but they are very rare to come by.
Popularly called NPF, most of their men mount roadblocks on all roads across Nigeria where they force road users to pay bribes.
Those who failed to give them bribes in the past were killed or punished or subjected to harsh treatment, some of them were caught on video.
In 2019, findings by the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) rated the Nigeria Police Force as the most corrupt government institution in Nigeria.
Of the five major public institutions surveyed by SERAP, the Nigeria police emerged as the most corrupt.
SERAP reported that in its the survey that, “a bribe is paid in 54 per cent of interactions with the police.
“In fact, there is a 63 per cent probability that an average Nigerian would be asked to pay a bribe each time he or she interacted with the police. That is almost two out of three.”
Police, oyo


Next on the list of most corrupt police force in the World is another African country, Kenya, this is according to the 92 percent of Kenyans who ranks their police force as the most corrupt.
Just as Nigeria police, 92% of Kenyans say their police officers take bribes and also neglects the law and order of the country.


This two-continent country is rated as one of the most corrupt police force in the World. It’s gathered that the Russian government knows the corruption level of its police force, but nothing has changed.


Located in North America, Haiti is one of the world’s most corrupt police force. They have negatively influenced society through their unethical practices.
Residents in Haiti don’t trust their police officers because they are brutal and lawless coupled with corruption.


Another Norther America country on the list of the most corrupt police force is Mexico, a country that is also notorious for drugs.
Most times, Mexican police officials ignore breakdown of law and order after they must have taken bribes.


The police force in the war-torn country of Iraq severally were accused of participating in kidnapping through which they earn good amount of money.
Iraq is also notorious for terrorism.


Extortion and bribery are some of the blemishes police force in Somalia are facing, making them one of the most corrupt in the World.


On the list is another Asian country, Afghanistan. The police force in the Afghanistan
are getting worse with every passing day as they are extorting money and inflicting violence on civilians.


Severally, police force in Pakistan were accused of bribery making them be on the list of most corrupt police force in the world.


Finally, corruption among police officers in Burma is pathetically embarrassing according to research and several reports.

Final thought: 
While the issue of corruption isn’t restricted to a specific country, the determination of the president or government of the day to tackle the corruption among the police force should be taken seriously.

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