Is 25 per cent in FCT a Requirement To Win a Presidential Election In Nigeria?

Is 25% in FCT a must-have in a presidential election? “NO”,  a candidate in a presidential election does need to have the majority in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) to be declared a winner of an election in Nigeria, says the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (PEPT). PEPT gave the verdict on Wednesday, September 8, 2023, … Read more

8 Implications of Changing A Country’s Name

From administrative and logistical points to legal and branding, the implications of changing a country’s name are numerous. This article will explore the cost of renaming a country. Background In invitations sent to World leaders on the occasion of G20 summit, the dinner invitation letter read, “The President of Bharat” raising speculations that India’s move … Read more

Bharat: Countries That Changed Their Names (Full List)

There are strong indications that India might change its name to the Republic of Bharat, making the former British colony the latest country to shake off its colonial identity. India will not be the first or the last country to change its name. Turkey changed its name to Turkiye; Czech Republic changed to Czechia; The … Read more

10 Key Features of Military Coup in Africa

Some of the features of a military regime are suspension of the constitution, forceful takeover, airspace and border closure, house arrests and detentions of politicians, and media censorship. This article will explain the peculiar characteristics of coup de’tat in countries where a constitutional authority or another military regime has been overthrown, particularly in Africa. What is … Read more

National Identification Number By Country

National Identification Number By Country Social-Security-Card-Sample-

Meaning of National Identification Number A National Identification Number is a means governments around the world use to track their citizens, permanent residents, and temporary residents for the purposes of security, health care, taxation, government benefits, and other tracking-related functions to simplify government works and functions. Understanding National Identification Number by country Countries around the world call their National Identification Number (NIN) by different … Read more

History of National Assembly Budget in Nigeria (1999 to Date)

National Assembly Budget in Nigeria

In 1999, the budget of Nigeria’s National Assembly was NGN2,204,150,000, but in 2023, the budget was increased to NGN228,106,146,208, meaning their expenditure increased by NGN225,901,996,208 within 23 years. From N2.2 billion to N228.1 billion, here is history of the budget of National Assembly in Nigeria between 1999 to 2023: How many lawmakers are in Nigeria’s National Assembly? The … Read more

Biblical Verses That Support Blue Economy

The campaign for ocean conservation and the Blue Economy by global bodies such as the World Bank, Center for the Blue Economy, The Commonwealth of Nations,  and the United Nations is getting renewed hope that there is numerous economic potential in the oceans. Defined as the positive exploitation of the resources in the marine environment to … Read more

Blue Economy: Definitions, Challenges, and Its Benefits

What is Blue Economy? Blue economy is the sustainable use of resources in the ocean for human benefit such as food production and for the economic development of a country such as job creation while at the same time preserving the health of the ocean ecosystem. Takeaways: Understanding Blue Economy For the record, Almighty God … Read more

Bicameral Legislature: Argument In Support and Against 2 Chambers

A legislature that has two houses or chambers is known as bicameralism. Simply put a legislature that has Upper and Lower Chambers. The name such lawmaking chambers are called may vary from country to country. For instance, the U.S law-making body is called the Congress which has two houses: the House of Representatives and the … Read more

What is a Unicameral Legislature? Merits and Disadvantages

A legislature that consists of one chamber, house or assembly is politically known as a unicameral legislature. Legislation that is made or a bill that is read,. deliberated upon, and passed by the assembly is the final. It doesn’t go to any other house. The unicameral system is the most popular at the state or … Read more