Dissecting 12 Major Functions of Legislature

The legislature is a branch of government that makes laws. The legislature is usually referred to as the National Assembly (at the federal level) or the House of Assembly (at the state level), and at the local government area, the legislature is called a legislative council. The legislature performs many functions in a modern democracy … Read more

What Are The Three Organs of Government?

Also known as the branches or organs of government, the legislature, executive, and judiciary make up a democratic government. Individually, their functions define what a democratic country is. I say this because a military government doesn’t have what can be called a legislature, the military makes and execute the law, and usually dictate to the … Read more

20 Functions of Government In a Modern World

Some people believe that the major functions of government are maintaining law and order; protecting a country against external aggression, and providing basic infrastructure. But in a modern world where technology and modern economics are a major discussions at international gatherings, the government has more elaborate roles to play. Besides, why does a government exist? What … Read more

What Is The Definition Of Government?

Government is an enforcer of the laws of a country irrespective of those involved: extremely rich or poor. Government law is binding on everyone. A member of a landlord association who doesn’t want to obey the rules of the association may decide to sell off his building or leave the community, but the law of … Read more