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How you can safely tap into the many opportunities in crypto. And what you should do to avoid scam.

bitcoin latest news nigeria

How to Invest in Bitcoin?

What Bitcoins Are?

Bitcoin, usually described as encrypted currency, virtual currency, or digital currency, is an entirely virtual currency. However, some companies started to buy their growing influence. Bitcoin is a decentralized virtual coin that removes the need for intermediaries like banks and governments, the usage of alternatively a peer-to-peer pc community to verify purchases without delay among users. read more

bitcoin latest news nigeria

Nigeria’s Crypto Ban: Binance, Luno, Quidax, Others Suspend Naira Deposits

Major cryptocurrency trading platforms like Binance, Luno, BuyCoins Africa, YellowCard, Quidax, and others have suspended naira deposits.

This followed the directive of the Central Bank of Nigeria that financial institutions should not provide crypto companies or users with the services any longer. Although, the apex bank will be launching its own digital currency called eNaira on October 1, 2021. read more

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