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Enable VPN on Opera browser To Access Twitter In Nigeria Without Downloading VPN App

How To Use Opera VPN To Access Twitter Nigeria Without Downloading Additional App

Do you know you can access Twitter without downloading Virtual Private Network (VPN) even after the government’s ban on the micro-blogging platform?

In this guide, we’ll show you how to download Opera VPN-enabled browser which allows you to tweet and access other blocked platforms wherever you are. Apart from that, a VPN also enables you to browse privately. read more

10 Steps To Setup Facebook Two-Factor Authentication If You’re Worried About Hackers

In this guide, we’ll guide you on how to protect your Facebook account from being hacked by setting up two-factor authentication.
Why do I need to 2-factor authentication for my social media accounts?
The rate at which social media accounts are being hacked recently calls for concern, it’s time to take action to prevent your account from being hijacked by intruders.
Most time when hackers take over your social media account, they use it to collect money from your followers using your profile for the dubious act.
A reference point is the recent hacking of Twitter accounts of Bill Gate, Kanye West and other profiles of billionaires and influential people, millions of US dollars in bitcoin had been lost before Twitter moved in to stop the authorization.
Why use two-factor authentication?
“Two-factor authentication is an industry best practice for providing additional account security,” says Scott Dickens, saying is meant “to add an extra layer of protection to your Facebook account.”
So… read more

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