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How Webinar Platforms Can Transform the Healthcare Industry

In terms of utilizing the advantages of webinar platforms, the healthcare sector is once again at the forefront of technological developments. Healthcare providers are looking into novel and creative approaches to improve patient outcomes and raise the standard of care they offer as a result of the development of digital technologies. In this blog post, … Read more

How HR Can Improve Women’s Work Health

Many companies are always looking into how can HR increase productivity in the workplace. One method they always overlook is improving women’s health in their business. This has a massive effect on productivity, so you’ll want to see how you can do this. Women’s health is important in any workplace, as there’s a lot of … Read more

Why Should You Try Kratom For Pain?

Kratom For Pain

Kratom may be a relatively new product on the market. But the herb has already earned a reputation for its powerful medicinal properties. Scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, kratom is indigenous to the Southeast Asian countries of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea. Locals have been chewing the plant’s leaves for thousands of … Read more

6 Best CBD Gummies You Need For Better Sleep


Cannabidiol, or CBD—popularly known— is a chemical compound found in Cannabis sativa plants. Unlike its cousin THC, CBD won’t get you “high.” Instead, taking it presents you with numerous health benefits such as anxiety and depression relief, pain, and inflammation, or a remedy for insomnia. Shopping for CBD is tricky since the U.S Food and … Read more

15 Ways Business Owners Should Look After Their Mental Health

Mental Well-Being As A Business Owner

As a business owner, the success of your business depends on how healthy you are. If you can’t effectively manage your business due to ill health, your business will definitely suffer the consequences. Most times, a small business owner is a driver, the account manager, the recruiter etc because they want to maximise profit. When … Read more

How To Apply For CBN’s Healthcare Research Development Grant NOW (Step By Step Guide)

Apart from the N50 million research activities, you can as well get another N500 million grant for the development and manufacturing of drugs under the Healthcare Sector Research and Development Intervention Scheme (HSRDIS). Yes, you read that right. And in this article, we’ll tell you all you need to benefit from the HSRDIS funded by the … Read more

10 harmful effects of tobacco smoking on human body

Tobacco smoking has some harmful effects on the entire human organs, which may not be immediate, “the complications and damage can last for years,” a health expert says. The most known effect of cigarettes is lung cancer, but findings by medical experts reveal that tobacco smoking is dangerous to the entire human organs. It’d be … Read more

Health Hazards of Telecommunication Mast on Residential Homes

Telecommunication mast health hazards can be enormous in long term, particularly to those who live closer to it as a result of the vibration, noise and smoke that come from the generating set powering it. All telecommunication carriers in Nigeria-Globacom, MTN, Airtel, and Etizalat-have their mast sited in different parts of the country for effective service … Read more

18 Symptoms of High Blood Sugar

heart, shape, stethoscope-1143648.jpg

High blood sugar also known as hyperglycemia, occurs when the body has too much glucose, or too little insulin, here are high blood sugar symptoms you should monitor. Why Blood Sugar? Food (glucose) is synonymous with fuel in the human body. You need food to perform optimally in your daily activity. The body converts high-carb products (food) … Read more