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Cryptocurrency Platforms, ICOs to Register With SEC in Nigeria

  • Cryptocurrency issuers will now be required to register their digital assets with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Nigeria will now regulate all Digital Assets Token Offerings (DATO), Initial Coin Offerings, Security Token ICOs , and other Blockchain-based offers

After several years of ban and warnings to Nigerians not to indulge in cryptocurrency-based businesses, Nigeria’s capital market and investment regulator, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has agreed to adequately regulate the activities of the digital currencies in the country. read more

Hex Team Offered Me 10BTC Bribe – Andreas Antonopoulos Claims

  • Andreas Antonopoulos claims that the 10BTC was to show that ERC20 Token isn’t a scam
  • I’ve been offered 10BTC to do an interview about HEX to show that it is not a scam, he claims in a tweet

A cryptocurrency advocate Andreas Antonopoulos has spoken on how Hex Team offered a bribe of 10 bitcoin for him to promote their token for an interview. In the current price index, 10BTC is $117,637.61 US dollar read more

Kenya Introduces Digital Tax for Users of Cryptocurrency Marketplace

Kenya Digital Tax for Cryptocurrency Marketplace

Authority in Kenya has introduced Digital Service Tax payable for by those who derive income from services through cryptocurrency market place.

In a tweet, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) says, “Introduction of Digital Service Tax (DST) Payable by a person who derives or accrues income from services through a digital market place at the rate of 1.5% of the gross transaction value.” read more

Cryptocurrency Abbreviations and Acronyms of Over 200 Most Popular Coins

Here is the comprehensive list of crypocurrency abbreviations with other acronyms (jargons) associated with digital asset across the world.
BTC, LTC, ETH, are some of the abbreviation (currency stickers) associated with internet of money (digital currency), but there are also common cryptocurrency jargons (terms) generally used in the crypto market.
Let’s take a look at some of them before we take plunge into the long list of cryptocurrency acronyms. read more Protection Status
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