Summary of Bitcoin Price in February 2024

Last updated on July 2nd, 2024 at 09:46 am


Bitcoin’s closing price (BTC) on February 29, 2024, was $61,198.38. Its value appreciated by 43.74% compared to January 2024.

It was the first time the most valuable cryptocurrency broke through the $60,000 barrier, a level last seen in November 2021, when it reached an All-Time High of $68,789.63, according to crypto data collection site CoinMarketCap.

Feb. 2962,499.1863,585.6461,198.38
Feb. 2857,071.1063,913.1362,504.79
Feb. 2754,519.3657,537.8457,085.37
Feb. 2651,730.5454,938.1754,522.40
Feb. 2551,565.2251,950.0351,733.24
Feb. 2450,736.3751,684.1951,571.10
Feb. 2351,283.9051,497.9350,731.95
Feb. 2251,854.6552,009.6151,304.97
Feb. 2152,273.5452,368.8251,839.18
Feb. 2051,777.7352,945.0552,284.87
Feb. 1952,134.8152,483.3351,779.14
Feb. 1851,661.9752,356.9652,122.55
Feb. 1752,161.6852,191.9151,663.00
Feb. 1651,937.7352,537.9752,160.20
Feb. 1551,836.7852,820.0751,938.56
Feb. 1449,733.4452,021.3751,826.70
Feb. 1349,941.3650,358.3949,742.44
Feb. 1248,296.3950,280.4849,958.22
Feb. 1147,768.9748,535.9448,293.92
Feb. 1047,153.5348,146.1747,771.28
Feb. 945,297.3848,152.4947,147.20
Feb. 844,332.1345,575.8445,301.57
Feb. 743,090.0244,341.9544,318.22
Feb. 642,657.3943,344.1543,084.67
Feb. 542,577.6243,494.2542,658.67
Feb. 442,994.9443,097.6442,583.58
Feb. 343,184.9643,359.9442,992.25
Feb. 243,077.6443,422.4943,185.86
Feb. 142,569.7643,243.1743,075.77

The surge in BTC price in February comes after the Securities and Exchange Commission approved the first-ever U.S. spot exchange-traded funds in January, opening the door to investment opportunities from financial institutions such as Wells Fargo and BlackRock.

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