Bitcoin Price in April 2022

Last updated on August 26th, 2022 at 03:21 pm

In April 2022, the price of Bitcoin stayed above $40k, except on April 11 when it dropped below that price and closed the day at $39,521.90 USD and by 27, it dropped to $38,120.30. The lowest was $37,714.88.

April was significant. A lot of investors were hoping that after the dip, the price would bounce back, and some were optimistic that it would surpass the nearly $70K set in 2021.

The month preludes the month when the digital market experienced the most catastrophic crash following the Terra LUNA crash.

Despite the constraints, BTC was able to close at $37,714.88 in April with $717,596,901,509 market capitalization recording a sharp drop of $147.6 billion in MarkCap against the previous month.

Below is the opening and closing price of bitcoin historical data for April 2022:

DateOpening Price (USD)Closing (USD)
April 1$45,554.16$46,281.64
April 2$46,285.50$45,868.95
April 3$45,859.13$46,453.57
April 4$46,445.27$46,622.67
April 5$46,624.51$45,555.99
April 6$45,544.36$43,206.74
April 7$43,207.50$43,503.85
April 8 $43,505.14$42,287.66
April 9$42,282.08$42,782.14
April 10$42,781.09$42,207.67
April 11$42,201.04$39,521.90
April 12$39,533.71$40,127.18
April 13$40,123.57$41,166.73
April 14$41,160.22$39,935.52
April 15$39,939.40$40,553.46
April 16$40,552.32$40,424.48
April 17$40,417.78$39,716.95
April 18$39,721.20$40,826.21
April 19$40,828.17$41,502.75
April 20$41,501.74$41,374.38
April 21$41,371.52$40,527.36
April 22$40,525.86$39,740.32
April 23$39,738.72$39,486.73
April 24$39,478.37$39,469.29
April 25$39,472.61$40,458.31
April 26$40,448.42$38,117.46
April 27$38,120.30$39,241.12
April 28$39,241.43$39,773.83
April 29$39,768.62$38,609.82
April 30$38,605.86$37,714.88
Source: CoinMarketCap


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