Bitcoin Price in March 2022

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In our monthly series of reviews of how the most valuable cryptocurrency performed. This post explores the price of bitcoin in March 2022

In one of our earliest articles, we pointed out that 2021 was rosy for the cryptocurrency industry, but 2022 seems to be designed for strong-hearted crypto investors.

For the long-term investors who are ready to hold on to their crypto assets regardless of the turbulent time, it may even be the time to buy the dip. However, investing in cryptocurrency is highly risky, it’s important to talk to your financial advisor or read our trading disclosure.


So, after ending February at $43,193.23 with $819.4 Billion USD. Bitcoin price in March 2022 traded within the range of $40K to $47K. The lowest in the month was below $38K.

It ended the month at $45,538.68 with at least $45.7 billion market capitalization higher than the month of February.

Below is the performance of Bitcoin in March 2022:

DayOpen (USD)Close (USD)
March 1$43,194.50$44,354.64
March 2$44,357.62$43,924.12
March 3$43,925.20$42,451.79
March 4$42,458.14$39,137.60
March 5$39,148.45$39,400.58
March 6$39,404.20$38,419.98
March 7$38,429.30$38,062.04
March 8$38,059.90$38,737.27
March 9$38,742.82$41,982.93
March 10$41,974.07$39,437.46
March 11$39,439.97$38,794.97
March 12$38,794.46$38,904.01
March 13$38,884.72$37,849.66
March 14$37,846.32$39,666.76
March 15$39,664.25$39,338.79
March 16$39,335.57$41,143.93
March 17$41,140.84$40,951.38
March 18$40,944.84$41,801.15
March 19$41,794.65$42,190.65
March 20$42,191.41$41,247.82
March 21$41,246.13$41,078.00
March 22$41,074.10$42,358.81
March 23$42,364.38$42,892.96
March 24$42,886.65$43,960.93
March 25$43,964.55$44,348.73
March 26$44,349.86$44,500.83
March 27$44,505.36$46,820.49
March 28$46,821.85$47,128.01
March 29$47,100.44$47,465.73
March 30$47,456.90$47,062.66
March 31$47,062.15$45,538.68
March 2022 bitcoin historical data. Source:
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