Overview of Bitcoin Price in November 2023

Last updated on December 13th, 2023 at 01:26 pm


After closing at $34,667.78 USD/Bitcoin in October, Bitcoin began November on a promising note at $34,657.27/BTC with $35,527.93 as the highest price for the day, before closing the day at $35,437.25.

For the first time in the year, it reached $38,415.34 on November 24, 2023, and finally ended the month at $37,712.75

Even at that, the performance of BTC gave cryptocurrency traders hope that the rest of the year would be bright despite the volatility that comes with the crypto market and we’re starting to see that in the December perfomance of the BTC.


Here is the overview of Bitcoin price from November 1 to November 30, 2023:

(in USD)
(in USD)
(in USD)
November 3037,861.1238,141.7537,712.75
November 2937,826.1138,366.1137,858.49
November 2837,247.9938,368.4837,831.09
November 2737,454.1937,559.3637,254.17
November 2637,796.8337,820.3037,479.12
November 2537,721.4137,892.4337,796.79
November 2437,296.3238,415.3437,720.28
November 2337,420.4337,643.9237,289.62
November 2235,756.5537,856.9837,432.34
November 2137,469.1637,631.1435,813.81
November 2037,374.0737,756.8237,476.96
November 1936,585.7737,509.3637,386.55
November 1836,625.3736,839.2836,585.70
November 1736,164.8236,704.4836,596.68
November 1637,879.9837,934.6336,154.77
November 1535,548.1137,964.8937,880.58
November 1436,491.7936,753.3535,537.64
November 1337,070.3037,405.1236,502.36
November 1237,133.9937,227.6937,054.52
November 1137,310.0737,407.0937,138.05
November 1036,702.2537,493.8037,313.97
November 935,633.6337,926.2636,693.13
November 835,419.4835,994.4235,655.28
November 735,047.7935,892.4235,443.56
November 635,044.7935,286.0335,037.37
November 535,090.0135,340.3435,049.36
November 434,736.3235,256.0335,082.20
November 334,942.4734,942.4734,732.32
November 235,441.5835,919.8434,938.24
November 134,657.2735,527.9335,437.25
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