Overview of Bitcoin Price in October 2023

Last updated on December 11th, 2023 at 08:22 pm


After closing at $26,967.92 USD/Bitcoin in September, Bitcoin price on October 1 showed no major upset, opening the day at $26,967.40, before closing the day at $27,983.75.

Interestingly, BTC price traded above $35K for the first time in 2023, reaching $35,150.43 on October 24, before slipping back to $33,901.53 by the end of the day.

Here is an overview of Bitcoin price from October 1 through October 31, 2023:

(in USD)
(in USD)
(in USD)
October 3134,500.0834,719.2534,667.78
October 3034,531.7434,843.9334,502.36
October 2934,089.3734,743.2634,538.48
October 2833,907.7234,399.3934,089.57
October 2734,156.5034,238.2133,909.80
October 2634,504.2934,832.9134,156.65
October 2533,916.0435,133.7634,502.82
October 2433,077.3035,150.4333,901.53
October 2330,140.6934,370.4433,086.23
October 2229,918.6530,199.4329,993.90
October 2129,683.3830,287.4829,918.41
October 2028,732.8130,104.0929,682.95
October 1928,332.4228,892.4728,719.81
October 1828,413.5328,889.0128,328.34
October 1728,522.1028,618.7528,415.75
October 1627,162.6329,448.1428,519.47
October 1526,858.0127,289.1727,159.65
October 1426,866.2026,969.0026,861.71
October 1326,752.8827,092.7026,862.38
October 1226,873.2926,921.4426,756.80
October 1127,392.0827,474.1226,873.32
October 1027,589.2027,715.8527,391.02
October 927,934.4727,989.4727,583.68
October 827,971.6828,102.1727,935.09
October 727,946.7828,028.0927,968.84
October 627,412.1228,252.5427,946.60
October 527,798.6528,091.8627,415.91
October 427,429.0727,826.6627,799.39
October 327,508.2527,667.1927,429.98
October 227,976.8028,494.4627,530.79
October 126,967.4028,047.2427,983.75

With the price of BTC closing the month at $34,667.78, there is the possibility that demand may push Bitcoin price further in November 2023.

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But, it is difficult to accurately predict the price of Bitcoin because of its volatile nature. We urge you to exercise caution when trading cryptocurrency.

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