Bitcoin Price in September 2023

Last updated on November 23rd, 2023 at 04:37 am

September 2023 began at BTC/$25,934.02 in the Bitcoin community and closed the day at $25,800.72.

But BTC pushed towards $30K, before closing the 9th at $26,967.92 to one Bitcoin, showing a slight difference from its August 2023 trade.

Here is the price of Bitcoin from September 1 through September 30, 2023:

Sept 3026,911.6926,967.92
Sept 2927,024.8426,911.72
Sept 2826,355.8127,021.55
Sept 2726,209.5026,352.72
Sept 2626,294.7626,217.25
Sept 2526,253.7826,298.48
Sept 2426,579.3726,256.83
Sept 2326,578.5626,579.39
Sept 2226,564.0626,579.57
Sept 2127,129.8426,567.63
Sept 2027,210.2327,132.01
Sept 1926,760.8527,211.12
Sept 1826,532.9926,754.28
Sept 1726,567.9326,534.19
Sept 1626,606.2026,568.28
Sept 1526,533.8226,608.69
Sept 1426,228.2826,539.67
Sept 1325,837.5526,228.32
Sept 1225,160.6625,833.34
Sept 1125,831.7125,162.65
Sept 1025,895.2125,832.23
Sept 0925,905.4325,895.68
Sept 0826,245.2125,905.65
Sept 0725,748.3126,240.20
Sept 0625,783.9325,753.24
Sept 0525,814.9625,779.98
Sept 0425,968.1725,812.42
Sept 0325,869.4725,969.57
Sept 0225,800.9125,868.80
Sept 0125,934.0225,800.72


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