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Overview of Bitcoin Price in July 2022

Last updated on October 3rd, 2022 at 10:54 am


Bitcoin ended June at $19,784.73/1 BTC and since then, the price of the most capitalized digital asset did not witness any significant price change.

It pushed the market price above the potential resistance level of $24,000 five times before ending July 2022 at $23,336.90.

It first pushed $24K resistance on July 20, 2022, before dropping $965.09 at the close of business. In July, it repeated a similar feat, though it closed the day at $23,843.89. It did the same the three days that followed.


The current BTC price was expected to go by the predictions of some digital asset sceptics in 2021 and expressed pessimism about bitcoin tanking to as low as $10, 000 in 2022.

That disastrous prediction could send a shockwave into the crypto market, it’s yet to come to pass, but anything can still happen in the 148 days ahead of us in the year 2022.

Sceptics aren’t the only ones worried about the future of bitcoin, Bitcoin enthusiasts, on a positive note, have also made encouraging predictions in the past.

We’ve heard predictions that BTC could climb to as high as $100,000, in Q1 2022 or sooner, but that doesn’t seem in sight. The table below is an overview of bitcoin price in July 2022 and it is nothing different from the June BTC price

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DayOpening PriceClose Price
July 31$23,652.07$23,336.90
July 30$23,796.82$23,656.21
July 29$23,845.21$23,804.63
July 28$22,933.64$23,843.89
July 27$21,244.17$22,930.55
July 26$21,361.12$21,239.75
July 25$22,607.16$21,361.70
July 24$22,465.51$22,609.16
July 23$22,706.98$22,465.48
July 22$23,163.75$22,714.98
July 21$23,233.20$23,164.63
July 20$23,393.19$23,231.73
July 19$22,467.85$23,389.43
July 18$20,781.91$22,485.69
July 17$21,195.04$20,779.34
July 16$20,834.10$21,190.32
July 15$20,573.16$20,836.33
July 14$20,211.47$20,569.92
July 13$19,325.97$20,212.07
July 12$19,970.48$19,323.91
July 11$20,856.35$19,970.56
July 10$21,591.08$20,860.45
July 9$21,716.83$21,592.21
July 8$21,637.16$21,731.12
July 7$20,547.81$21,637.59
July 6$20,194.62$20,548.25
July 5$20,225.35$20,190.11
July 4$19,297.31$20,231.26
July 3$19,242.09$19,297.08
July 2$19,274.84$19,242.26
July 1$19,820.47$19,269.37

Will August be better than July?

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