How to Buy & Sell Bitcoin on Nairaex

Last updated on August 26th, 2022 at 03:36 pm


Bitcoin exchange has been simplified by trustworthy exchangers. One of them is nairaex, follow these six simple steps to buy and sell bitcoin, ethereum on in Nigeria.

Note: Minimum trade is N30, 000. “No exception, you’ll not get paid and you’ll be banned if you trade anything below the stipulated amount.”

This is how to simply buy or sell cryptocurrency on nairaex Nigeria.


How to buy bitcoin, ethereum on

As at the last transaction we did on this platform, nairaex buys bitcoin at fair price from you than more than 905 of other btc exchange buyers in the market.

  • Login to your account, and click create new order below the active order on the dashboard
  • Select buy and choose the e-currency you like to buy.
  • Fill out the amount and enter where you want us to send the currency to.
  • Make the deposit to the bank account on the order page within 1 hour and marked as complete after deposit.
  • Email the proof of payment (teller, payslip, statement or transfer screenshot etc) to
  • Your order will be funded within 2-8 hours after your deposit has been verified

How to sell bitcoins on nairaex in Nigeria

  • Register at nairaex ID Card verification not needed for sell orders. But you might want to do that because you might also want to purchase bitcoin or ethereum on from this company.
  • Login into your account, click on your name on the right side and select payment info in order to add your bank account details.
  • Go to the sell orders and click on the create new order
  • Select sell and choose the e-currency you like to sell.
  • Select the bank account you like us to pay into and fill out the amount.
  • Send the e-currency to the bitcoin address or perfect money account number. Your naira will be deposited in your account within 2-8 hours
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How to complete nairaex account verification

  • Your nairaex ID:
  • Your Account Name:
  • Email:
  • And your valid government issued ID to


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