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Bitcoin Price for December 2021

Last updated on November 24th, 2022 at 08:09 pm

Bitcoin closed at $57,848.77 in October 2021, translating to NGN32,684,555.05 in Nigeria, thereby recording a dip compared to November 1, when it opened at NGN34,322,840.35 or $60,748.39.

It opened at $56,995.88 or NGN32,202,672.20 at the time of this report and cryptocurrency enthusiasts hope to see bitcoin out perform the earlier set record in November when it traded at $68,053.34 or NGN38,450,137.10 on November 9, 2021. It was its All-time high (ATH) ever.

In the last 24 hours, bitcoin price has dropped by 0.37%, while ethereum gained by 4.10% in the last 24 hours. Other gainers in the 24 hours include Binance Coin (BNB), Solana (SOL) among others.


This Bitcoin Price for December 2021 is based on trading on Paxful, one of the global Peer-To-Peer cryptocurrency trading platforms.

DateNGN (₦)USD ($)GBP (£)Euro (€)
December 132,202,672.2056,995.8842,768.6850,274.24
December 231,690,850.0056,249.4342,366.7949,694.46
December 330,639,99856,508.2742,489.0749,981.62
December 419,110,102.3046,523.2435,153.0141,120.08
December 527,881,398.9649,086.9737,095.7643,386.06
December 627,779,141.9248,906.9436,898.5343,358.64
December 728,797,651.1250,700.0937,894.8344,826.88
December 827,997,390.2449,291.1837,300.8043,712.21
December 927,077,764.1647,672.1236,048.9542,211.38
December 1027,180,367.6847,852.7636,196.5542,366.15
December 1127,409,214.8848,255.6636,364.7442,639.96
December 1228,781,951.6050,672.4538,178.5544,775.49
December 1327,702,240.4048,771.5536,809.7943,170.24
December 1427,296,125.8047,887.9436,138.0142,309.23
December 1527,403,773.4448,246.0836,384.6842,810.77
December 1627,290,499.9047,931.70(2350)35,943.6042,293.51
December 1727,209,00047,694.5336,033.642,415.7
December 1826,619,849.3046,701.4935,286.3441,548.82
December 1926,641,703.1046,739.8335,284.6541,583.49
December 2026,382,592.5046,054.2734,829.1940,915.21
December 2127,080,08046,886.0835,494.0741,662.99
December 2227,368,857.60 (16:50)48,872.9636,708.5343,245.04
December 2327,010,00048,755.9036,421.9644,873.0
December 2428,767,102.8250,862.1737,930.7044,943.44
December 2528,723,090.6650,742.8337,906.6644,820.05
December 2628,521,498.4450,391.3437,640.6244,435.08
December 2728,336,35650,852.8637,938.1444,904.61
December 2828,841,226.18   27,769,244.82 (11:31)50,956.23   49,062.2737,914.85   36,512.8344,987.32   43,310.45
December 2927,070,834.7847,810.1835,600.8542,293.08
December 3026,164,930.08 (01:13)   26,681,768.40 (22:51)46,276.78   47,279.7734,286.10   35,058.8040,737.31   41,784.21
December 3126,616,383.88 (09:21)47,192.1734,970.2541,727.63
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