Bitcoin Price in February 2023

The opening price for Bitcoin (BTC) on February 1 was $23,022.95, closing at $23,083.21. By February 28, it opened at $23,525.72 and closing the month at $23,408.23 with a slight difference from BTC price in January 2023

Here is Bitcoin Price timeline from February 1 to February 28, 2023:

February 2823,525.7223,408.23
February 2723,751.8023,401.02
February 2623,223.5323,148.55
February 2523,003.3823,085.83
February 2423,429.1223,890.01
February 2323,974.3424,380.95
February 2223,738.7923,979.69
February 2124,559.6324,982.46
February 2024,923.8424,515.34
February 1924,941.4224,611.24
February 1824,673.8524,641.40
February 1724,142.4723,666.45
February 1624,679.8324,683.85
February 1522,759.8822,123.79
February 1422,002.8121,752.91
February 1321,626.5521,834.09
February 1221,936.6721,835.42
February 1121,739.7521,683.69
February 1021,615.7121,955.61
February 922,660.2122,711.29
February 822,905.2823,208.16
February 722,931.5522,961.74
February 622,942.6722,798.70
February 523,091.6423,398.87
February 423,412.0823,333.83
February 323,652.4223,529.77
February 223,861.4023,865.58
February 123,022.9523,083.21


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