Bitcoin Price in January 2023


Bitcoin price ended 2022 at $16,547.50 and close the first day of 2023 at $16,625.08, giving bitcoin investors cum traders a bit of hope that 2023 will be better.

So, we can confidently say that All Month High (if there is going to be any word like this in future in the crypto trading world) of Bitcoin on January 29, 2023, was $23,919.89, it pushed towards $24K before closing the day at $23,774.57.

2023 prediction for Bitcoin

Bitcoin price in January 2023 is a little bit of improvement compared to what cryptocurrency enthusiasts witnessed through December 2023.


And long before the end of January, in a report predicted that Bitcoin is expected to peak at $29,095, and likely to close the year at $26,844.

While some of the panellists that compiled the report believed that a 2023 low of $13,067 for the most valuable digital currency, Bitcoin closed January 2023 at $23,139.28

Predictions in the cryptocurrency world have never been unified because predictions are based on different indicators.

Below is the reality of Bitcoin price in January 2023:

Jan. 1$16,630.44$16,625.08
Jan. 2$16,759.34$16,688.47
Jan. 3$16,760.45$16,679.86
Jan. 4$16,964.59$16,863.24
Jan. 5$16,884.02$16,836.74
Jan. 6$16,991.99$16,951.97
Jan. 7$16,975.02$16,955.08
Jan. 8$17,091.14$17,091.14
Jan. 9$17,389.96$17,196.55
Jan. 10$17,484.72$17,446.29
Jan. 11$17,934.90$17,996.90
Jan. 12$19,030.09$18,869.59
Jan. 13$19,964.32$19,909.57
Jan. 14$21,075.14$20,976.30
Jan. 15$20,993.75$20,880.80
Jan. 16$21,360.87$21,169.63
Jan. 17$21,438.66$21,161.52
Jan. 18$21,564.50$20,688.78
Jan. 19$21,163.01$21,086.79
Jan. 20$22,692.36$22,676.55
Jan. 21$23,282.35$22,777.63
Jan. 22$23,056.73$22,720.42
Jan. 23$23,126.49$22,934.43
Jan. 24$23,134.01$22,636.47
Jan. 25$23,722.10$23,117.86
Jan. 26$23,237.08$23,032.78
Jan. 27$23,417.72$23,078.73
Jan. 28$23,165.90$23,031.09
Jan. 29$23,919.89$23,774.57
Jan. 30$23,789.35$22,840.14
Jan. 31$23,225.02$23,139.28
Source: CMC
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