Bitcoin Price in December 2022

Last updated on May 10th, 2023 at 04:37 am


2022 was a remarkable year in the crypto world. Crypto investors/traders saw the domino effect that the collapse of FTX exchange caused in the crypto space.

We didn’t only see the price of Bitcoin drop below $16K, it was unable to go beyond $17K as it ended the year at $16,547.50, according to the historical data on CoinMarketCap.

Though  FXT collapsed in November, the spillover effect also saw other crypto exchanges that relied on Bankman-Fried’s once-bubbling FTX filing for bankruptcy.


Apart from the multiple dramas that engulf the crypto space, that didn’t stop major Bitcoin events that took place around the world.

Some of them include Blockchain Expo Global held in Olympia, London; Future of Crypto which was held at Pier Sixty, New York, United States.

All the same, Bitcoin price picked up from where it stopped in November starting at $17,168.00 and ending the month and the year at $16,547.50

Below is the price of Bitcoin between December 1 to December 31, 2022

December 1$17,168.00$16,967.13
December 2$16,968.68$17,088.66
December 3$17,090.10$16,908.24
December 4$16,908.17$17,130.49
December 5$17,128.89$16,974.83
December 6$16,975.24$17,089.50
December 7$17,089.51$16,848.13
December 8$16,847.35$17,233.47
December 9$17,232.15$17,133.15
December 10$17,134.22$17,128.72
December 11$17,129.71$17,104.19
December 12$17,102.50$17,206.44
December 13$17,206.44$17,781.32
December 14$17,782.07$17,815.65
December 15$17,813.64$17,364.86
December 16$17,364.55$16,647.48
December 17$16,646.98$16,795.09
December 18$16,795.61$16,757.98
December 19$16,759.04$16,439.68
December 20$16,441.79$16,906.31
December 21$16,904.53$16,817.53
December 22$16,818.38$16,830.34
December 23$16,829.64$16,796.95
December 24$16,796.98$16,847.76
December 25$16,847.51$16,841.99
December 26$16,842.25$16,919.81
December 27$16,919.29$16,717.17
December 28$16,716.40$16,552.57
December 29$16,552.32$16,642.34
December 30$16,641.33$16,602.59
December 31$16,603.67$16,547.50

Notably, BTC market capitalisation was $326,142,124,579 on December 1 and ended December 2022 at $318,516,317,872. Will Bitcoin do better in January 2023?

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