Bitcoin Price in June 2023


Bitcoin price in June 2023 opened at $27,218.41, closing the month at $30,477.25, an improvement from May’s $27,219.66

Here is the opening and closing price of Bitcoin from June 1 through June 30, 2023:

June 3030,441.3530,477.25
June 2930,086.1930,445.35
June 2830,696.5630,086.25
June 2730,274.3230,688.16
June 2630,480.5230,271.13
June 2530,545.1530,480.26
June 2430,708.7430,548.70
June 2329,896.3830,695.47
June 2229,995.9429,912.28
June 2128,311.3130,027.30
June 2026,841.6628,327.49
June 1926,335.4426,851.03
June 1826,510.4626,336.21
June 1726,328.6826,510.68
June 1625,575.2826,327.46
June 1525,121.6725,576.39
June 1425,920.2625,124.68
June 1325,902.9425,918.73
June 1225,934.2925,902.50
June 1125,854.0325,940.17
June 1026,481.7625,851.24
June 926,505.9226,480.38
June 826,347.6526,508.22
June 727,235.6526,346.00
June 625,732.1127,238.78
June 527,123.1125,760.10
June 427,075.1227,119.07
June 327,252.3227,075.13
June 226,824.5627,249.59
June 127,218.4126,819.97


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