Bitcoin Price for May 2023

Last updated on September 4th, 2023 at 09:45 am


Bitcoin (BTC) opened in May at $29,227.10 and closed the day at $28,091.57, although some analysts remain positive about BTC price in May 2023.

It is trading at $26,852.57 at the time of publication. Hopes are high among traders that it will do better than April 2023 when it ended the month at $29,297.56.

It must be stated that it is extremely difficult to correctly predict which direction BTC price to follow, majority of crypto analysts hinged their predictions on four main factors that impact the price of an asset including demand, supply, sentiment and competition.


While we all watch closely how BTC price is fairing in the market, here is the Bitcoin price from May 1 till date.

May 3127,700.5327,219.66
May 3027,751.4627,812.05
May 2928,075.5927,745.88
May 2826,871.1628,085.65
May 2726,720.1826,868.35
May 2626,474.1826,719.29
May 2526,329.4626,476.21
May 2427,224.6026,334.82
May 2326,855.9627,225.73
May 2226,749.8926,851.28
May 2127,118.4226,753.83
May 2026,888.8427,129.59
May 1926,826.7526,890.13
May 1827,401.6526,832.21
May 1727,035.4727,398.80
May 1627,171.5127,036.65
May 1526,931.3827,192.69
May 1426,788.9726,930.64
May 1326,807.7726,784.08
May 1226,987.6626,804.99
May 1127,621.0927,000.79
May 1027,654.6427,621.76
May 927,695.0727,658.78
May 828,450.4627,694.27
May 728,901.6228,454.98
May 629,538.8628,904.62
May 528,851.4829,534.38
May 429,031.3028,847.71
May 328,680.4929,006.31
May 228,087.1828,680.54
May 129,227.1028,091.57
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