4 Ways to Exchange Currency for Foreign Trip

Last updated on November 8th, 2022 at 07:14 pm


If you are planning on traveling abroad for business, tourism, or for research, there are several things you must put in place to have a smooth trip.

However, one of the prominent things that must be settled has to do with doing a currency exchange, since you have to spend the currency of that country when you are within their borders.

Definitely, you will need a good amount of money to use while on your trip, and you may have to exchange currencies.


This may be your first time trying out these things, and it will be very helpful to explore the different options you can opt for whenever you are ready.

Best Ways to Exchange Your Currency for Foreign Trip

There are several ways to exchange your currency for a trip abroad. But we will highlight some of the very best options anyone can use.

Exchange At The Bank In Your Country

One of the immediate options you should consider is to do the currency exchange before traveling, and this can be settled in a bank with ease.

It is a wise thing to have money sorted out before getting to your destination, so you will always have reasonable resources to take care of whatever it is that must be attended to with cash.

You can get the job done in the bank with ease. One of the advantages of carrying out the currency exchange in the bank is because of the better rate you will get.

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However, banks can be a rip-off when placed side by side with the services of certain online platforms, particularly when you consider the transaction fees they charge.

Generally, you can always count on banks when it comes to reliability and easy accessibility. But don’t forget the issue with limited working hours and their transaction fees.

Therefore, you don’t have to limit yourself to this option if you don’t want to.

Online Money Transfer Service

Gone are the days when the banks are the most prominent in currency exchange. Right now, there are online services that can be utilized to get other currencies before making your trip.

This is a very favorable option due to several factors. First, you will be able to avoid high transaction and payment fees, as well as get a fair exchange rate.

Like it was noted earlier, it is a nice thing to settle your currency exchange before traveling, and you will be at ease knowing you won’t be stranded financially when you get to your destination.

Rather than limiting yourself to a bank, you can look towards an online money transfer service and get the job done anytime and anywhere, with great ease.

Prominent platforms in this category include Xe, Xoom, OFX, and so on. The nice thing to note is that there are several resources online that explain how anyone can carry out these exchanges with hassle-free.

Making Use of ATMs With Card Payments

With the way the world is now greatly connected, a traveler doesn’t really have to do any currency exchange because they can simply make use of an ATM at their destination.

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With your debit or credit card, you can make payments wherever you find yourself around the world.

This obviously is a very easy and convenient option, since you can get anything sorted out with just your card effortlessly.

However, you must be wary of its disadvantages. One, if you are using your local card to make payments elsewhere, you should be set to embrace different types of service fees (as well as transaction fees).

Additionally, you may run into issues if you get somewhere without any functional ATM.

Generally, you can make use of this option if you are spending a short time at the place and won’t make numerous payments before departing.

If on the contrary, then it is advisable to look towards other options because the fees will accumulate fast.

Exchange In Person

If you won’t exchange before traveling, you can always exchange in person when you arrive at your destination.

You can opt for this rather than using your card and spending more due to frequent fees. This is already a common thing that can be done at the airport or a currency exchange store.

Nevertheless, there are disadvantages attached to this too. For instance, while you will avoid transaction fees, you will be at the mercy of unfavorable rates.

You should be aware that they have the liberty to set their own rates as they exploit opportunities (particularly the guys doing business at an airport kiosk).

Additionally, there are certain places that are not really safe, and you can attract unpleasant attention to yourself when you carry big cash around.

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Therefore, it is helpful if you decide to take care of these things before traveling to your destination. In such a way, you will be free to take care of other important things when you arrive at your destination.


You can see that you have several options when it comes to exchanging your currency for a foreign trip, most times, global currencies have advantage over other currencies.

The most important thing is to decide to get currency issue sorted before traveling (which is the best thing to do so you can avoid being stranded when you arrive your destination).

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