How To Block a Stolen Debit Card On GTB App


Blocking your Debit Card is the first action you must take when your card is stolen, lost or misplaced. The option to do this is available on the GTWorld.

How To Block a Stolen Debit Card On GTB App

Here is how to do it:

  • Login to GTWorld App to access the following options: fund account, transfer, FX sales, and account details.
  • Choose “Account Details”
  • Under Cards, click on ‘card’
  • This option gives you control over your Debit Card (set card control, set country control, and block card)
  • Select “Block card”
  • Why do you want to block your card permanently? Choose your preference: suspected fraud, lost card, stolen card, retracted card, or damaged card
  • Confirm your option by clicking “Yes, block”

If you don’t use the app, other options to block your debit card are:

  • Via USSD code
  • Via support centre

Via USSD code

  • *737*51*74#
  • Enter the phone number on your account
  • Enter your 737 PIN, usually 4-digit PIN, to authorize restriction on all your accounts
  • And confirm the action

Blocking your GTB ATM card via support centre

You can also block authorize use of your payment card if you don’t use the GTWorld app, you can do this by calling any of the following GTB customer support phone numbers

  • 0802 900 2900
  • 0803 900 3900
  • 0700 4826 66328
  • 0813 985 6000
  • +234 201 448 0000 (MTN subscribers only)
  • +234 1 448 0000 (available to all networks except MTN)
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While taking the above steps can help protect your funds from unauthorized access, it is important to point out that access to your debit card isn’t the only way your bank account can be compromised.

Actions that can compromise your bank account

  • Giving login details of your internet banking to a stranger
  • Indiscriminately giving your card details and personal identity number (PIN) out.
  • Giving anyone total access to your account.
  • Giving out sensitive account details via phone call. Your bank will never ask for your login details or password to your account.
  • Using easy to guess password for your Internet Banking can also compromise your account.

If you suspect an aunthorize or stranger withdrawals from your account, quick block your debit card and account and report to your bank.

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