Applying for N-Power Redeployment in 10 Easy Steps

Last updated on December 19th, 2023 at 12:34 pm


Changing your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) in the ongoing deployment process of the N-Power programme is possible if you carefully follow the process.

CAUTION: Applying for redeployment is tricky, we urge you to first find out if there are vacancies in the new Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) you wish to move to. If you are redeployed and the new place is filled up, this may affect the process of monthly allowance.

If you’re yet to be deployed, you’re advised to check out our guide on how to download your deployment letter, get it signed by an official and upload it on your NASIMS portal.


Reasons for redeployment

You must have cogent reasons before changing your PPA to another. Some of the reasons include:

  1. You’re married and would like to move with your husband to another location
  2. Your current PPA is too far from your place of residence
  3. Due to health challenges and you need to move closer to home
  4. You’re relocating to another state due to the status of your parent or spouse

 Process of changing your N-Power PPA

One of the beneficiaries of the ongoing onboarding of Batch C stream 1 told us he chose N-Teach during the application, but that isn’t available in his location.

If you are one of those facing a similar problem, here is a guide on how to apply for redeployment and select a new programme in your location.

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If the option to print a deployment letter doesn’t appear on your dashboard, it means the programme you selected during registration isn’t available.

In this case, the NSIP team would direct you to re-select a new programme, here is to solve this problem.

It’s simple, click on the option to select a new programme and submit.

InfomediaNG advice

In a situation whereby the available options do not contain your preferred choice, don’t worry, select the available one and submit.

When you’re posted to the new PPA, you can then apply for redeployment. But before then, you need to find an FG-approved location.

Requirements for redeployment:

  • Get a rejection letter from your current primary place of assignment.
  • Obtain an acceptance letter from one of the PPAs that you want to redeploy to


Redeployment Process:

  • Login to your NASIMS dashboard
  • From your dashboard menu: Overview, screening, verification, deployment, select, “deployment”
  • Select “redeployment” (It can be found beside the download PPA Letter)
  • Follow the instruction highlighted above
  • Click “See available PPAs for your LGA
  • It displays the available Place of Primary Assignment and their specific location
  • Click apply for redeployment
  • Upload your rejection letter and acceptance letter
  • Select  place of primary assignment indicated on your acceptance letter
  • Hit the submit button, that’s all.

Since verification of the successful beneficiaries began, we’ve noticed that those who had the opportunity to have downloaded the letter are now having some technical issues on their dashboard.

What are the redeployment emails or to cancel my redeployment?

To cancel your redeployment application, kindly send such a request to and clearly state the reasons why you opted for redeployment.

How can I contact N-Power for more inquiries?

Send inquiries to

I have downloaded my deployment letter even before the commencement of the physical verification, but now my PPA has suddenly changed to another school. What should I do?

You can choose between the current PPA on your page or the one you posted earlier. This means you can ignore the new one if you’ve already uploaded your signed deployment letter.

For some of us who upload PPA letters before going for physical verification, do we need to download the letter again?

You do not need to re-download it again. The one you uploaded, signed and uploaded is still valid.

I have passed my PVC but my deployment status is still pending, should I be worried?

You don’t have to be worried; your deployment status will change very soon.

When will N-Power Batch C Stream 2 receive a stipend?

You will be paid when you officially resumed work.


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  1. Salaudeen Sadeeq

    I was posted to Offa, Kwara State, while I reside at Kaduna State, please what are the necessary steps to be taken, for me to redeploy back to Kaduna

  2. Oghale mabel God'spower

    Good evening, please I was posted to a place a bit far from me, so I got a rejection latter and got an acceptance latter from a PPA close to me, so I redeployed since 19th of oct but up till now my redeployment status is not showing anything and I already started working at my new PPA. Please what do I do because even when I started last month I did get my pay. Please what do I do

  3. Asifa Monsurat Temitayo

    I was posted to Aiyedire LCDA in Osun state, and my residential area is KATSINA, i did my thumb print here in KATSINA, how can i do my physical verification from here.?

      1. Abdulkareem Hafiz

        I can’t find the place I was deployed to in Ganaja village, Lokoja. Npower batch c stream 2. What do I have to do now?

  4. Adejor Joseph

    i was given venue and state in which I did not choose as my residential area. I am in Sokoto state but I was posted to benue state to go and do my physical verification.
    what should I do?
    I want it here in Sokoto state

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