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15 Quickest Ways to Send Money to Nigeria From Foreign Countries

Last updated on August 26th, 2022 at 02:30 pm


Today’s technology has made it easy for Nigerians residing abroad to easily send money to their loved ones at home. Interestingly, more methods are emerging every day for Nigerians to receive money from their family members in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries around the World.

Right on your tablet (mobile phone) you can simply perform a simple task and get your account funded courtesy of your family abroad and the modern-day technology.

Ways to send money to Nigeria from Abroad

  • Through bitcoin (BTC)
  • Via ethereum (ETH)
  • Using Litecoin (LTC)
  • Using
  • Use Transfast
  • Using World remit
  • Using Azimo
  • Via Moneygram
  • Western Union
  • Payoneer
  • Skrill
  • Using SimbaPay
  • Ria Money Transfer
  • Xpress money
  • Through paysera
  • Other cryptos than can easily be sold in Nigeria

1) Send money online through bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is unarguably one of the most used cryptocurrencies all over the world. It is simple to use. All you need do is to sign up for a bitcoin wallet, and send your wallet address to your family or whoever is sending money to you from abroad.


When he receives that, he transfer a specific amount of money (in bitcoin value) to your btc wallet. If you have luno account, you can sell your bitcoin right on the platform and your local bank account will be credited within 24 hours, depending on the time you are putting it up for sale.

If you don’t want to use luno, there are more than 20 other bitcoin buyers you can sell your bitcoin to and your local bank account will be funded immediately.

2) Send money to Nigeria via ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is is the second most popular after bitcoin. It is also popular among Nigerian cryptocurency traders. This means that if you are sent N50,000 worth of ethereum, you wont have problem selling it to any of the cryptocurrency and e-currency exchangers in Nigeria.

Ethereum community in Nigeria is very large, and the number of buyers and sellers are catching up with the pace as well. Just like bitcoin, you’ll have to open an ethereum wallet, copy your ETH wallet address and send to your family in U.S, U.K and others for your wallet to be funded.

Your wallet account can be funded within minutes, if you got it through luno ETH wallet, you put it up for sale and your local bank account will be funded in Nigerian Naira with minutes.

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Apart from luno, you can sell your ethereum to nairaex if the amount is more than N35, 000, there other as well you sell to.

3) Using Litecoin (LTC) to send money from U.K, others

Requesting your loved ones to send litecoin to come right here in Nigeria wont be a bad idea, as there are markets for it in Nigeria, but there are more buyers for bitcoin and ethereum than litcoin.

Follow the process as we have above, copy your litecoin wallet and send to your family aboad for him or her send you money, while you sell here to any of the litecoin buyers right here.

There are other cryptocurrencies you can receive and sell: bitcoin cash, bitcoin gold, but the above are the most cryptos you easily sell here in Nigeria with no stress.

4) Send money and Receive money online using

With neteller you can send money with the click of a mouse right on your device. To use this service, you need an active email for yourself and your recipient, even if your recipient doesn’t have a neteller account yet, he will receive a mail, telling him that some cash is waiting.

To claim the money, the recipient will need to sign up for neteller right away.Neteller is one of the most secured online money transfers in the world.

It is a global and s strong player in the online payment services.

If you think cryptocurency is technical for your use, then neteller is another international money transfer option you can use. It is used in more than 200 countries around the world, Nigeria is also supported with more than 22 currencies supported with automatic currency conversion.

5) You can also use Transfast to send money to Nigeria

Transfast is an online money transfer service you can use to send money to your loved ones in Nigeria if you are in Canada, United Kingdom, and United States of America. Transfast offers direct bank deposits to several Nigerians banks, some of them include Zenith bank, First Bank, Ecobank, Citibank, Diamond bank etc.

6) World remit

Using your tablet or smartphones you can send money from abroad to your family back home right here in Nigeria by using WorldRemit.

The simplicity of worldremit lies in the fact that you can send money from your credit card or bank account directly to the recipients bank account domiciled in Nigeria.

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Even if your recipient doesn’t have a functional bank account, money can still be picked up via world remit partner forex bureaus in Nigeria.

WorldRemit service is available to senders in 50 countries at the same time offers transfers to more than 120 destinations across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the America.

7) Azimo can also be used to send money online

Do you reside in any of the following countries: Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, or Italy?

Ohh, azimo makes it simple for you to send money across to your family back home because the international money transfer supports more than 190 countries, with up to 270,000 pick-up locations, and 20,000 banks globally and over 80 supported currencies.

Through azimo, you can either send cash to any Nigerian bank account or fund the mobile phone number (Airtel, 9mobile, Glo, MTN) of your recipient in Nigeria.

8) Moneygram online money transfer

Moneygram has been around for sometimes, and its one of the leaders in international money transfers that lets you send money online or in person directly to the recipient bank account or mobile wallet.

Some of its agents include retailers, international post offices and banks all across Nigeria, making it easier for your recipient to claim the money.

To send money in person, simply find a convenient MoneyGram location near you using their locator, have the receivers information and the amount you intend to send (Note: Charges apply).

To remove the bottleneck of looking for agents, you simply use moneygram online platform

To send money online to Nigeria using Moneygram, visit moneygram website, enter the recipients name, enter how you like to pay: credit or debit card, or directly from your bank account?

You may be required to provide some information about yourself before money is finally sent to the recipient.

The little information is for your own protection, to make sure that you are actually the true owner of the account you are initiating transaction from.

9) Western Union

This is one of the oldest international money transfers on the planet. Western Union operation is similar to Money gram.

You can send money in person from Western Union agents locations or online or via an App. The recipient can get their money from western union agent locations in person or money can be transferred directly to their bank account.

To make it convenient, Western Union gives you the option of sending money from your debit/credit card or directly from your bank account.

10) Payoneer

PayPal blocked Nigerian and other countries from using their account to receive funds as a result of persistent violations of its policy. But that’s over now because Payoneer is providing the same services as PayPal.

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While you’re in the U.S, U.K with your PayPal account, you can simply fund your friends Payoneer account, who can simply use his Payoneer MasterCard to withdraw at any ATM location supported by MasterCard.

Better, still, (for the recipient) you can sell dollars in your payoneer account to some of the E-currency exchangers out there.

Isn’t that simple?

11) Skrill

Formerly known as moneybookers, skrill is another method you can use to send money to your loved ones in Nigeria, and other parts of the world with an email address and they can withdraw to their bank account in Nigeria.

12) Send money to Nigeria using SimbaPay

Simbapay lets you transfer money from European countries to other countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, and Ghana at no extra charges. The main source of income of this international money transfer is through foreign exchange rates.

In Kenya, transactions to mobile wallets like M-Pesa are paid instantly while payment to recipients bank account might range from instant to 3 days.

13) Ria Money Transfer

This operates like money gram, and western union. Based in the US with a worldwide agent network of more than 314,000 locations in 144 countries, Ria let’s you send money to several countries across the world.

You can send money back home (to recipients bank account) via Ria using your credit/debit card or directly from your bank account.

Better still, your recipient can claim the money from Ria agents in Nigeria. UBA, First Bank are some of Ria banking agents in Nigeria.

You can read more on Ria official website, or ask your bank how it operates and how you can easily get funded form your overseas friend.

14) Xpress money

You want to send money to Nigeria? Xpress money lets you transfer money directly to the recipients bank account or through a network of pick-up locations where the recipient can receive money.

You can use their transaction tracker to follow your money transfer and once the recipient has received it, you instantly get an SMS notification.

Isn’t that simple?

15) Send money through paysera

Paysera is another global money transfer that allows you to send money to your family or loved ones at low charges.

Over to you:

Do you know of other international money transfer or medium of money transfer to your family? Share your thoughts.

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