Names of 58 Dead Nigerians with Unclaimed Estates in the UK

Last updated on September 18th, 2022 at 09:37 pm


There are 6,744 unclaimed estates in the United Kingdom as of September 17, 2022, according to a comprehensive list published and updated by the UK’s Legal Department, Treasury Solicitor, as seen by Infomediang Team.

The unclaimed assets are owned by different nationals including 58 Nigerians whose property has been laying in the country and remain unclaimed by any members of the deceased family.

Information to trace the deceased property

Useful information provided by the UK government is the Forename (first name) of the owner; Surname (last name) of the owner; Date of Publication; Date of Death; Place of Death; Maiden Name; Marital Status; Spouse, and Date of Birth.


Others are Date of Marriage; Place of marriage; Nationality; Religion; Date entered UK; Date of Naturalisation; Date of divorce; Kin or Other Details, and Bona Vacantia (BV) Reference

What is Bona Vacantia in UK Legal System?

BV for short, Bona Vacantia’ is a UK legal name used to identify properties that are unclaimed for a specific number of years and therefore passed to the Crown.

Simply put, it is a name given to a property, assets, or estates that are unclaimed by the original owner and any member of their family.

Family members that are entitled to a deceased property include: Wife, husband, or civil partner; children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren; mother or father; brothers or sisters who share both the same mother and father; uncles and aunts or their children (first cousins or their descendants) etc

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Who are the dead Nigerians whose property is unclaimed in the UK?

The list contains 6,744, but 58 of the property owners are Nigerians who have died as can be seen below:

S/NProperty OwnerPlace of BirthDate of Death
Place of DeathMarital StatusBV Reference
1Arbel Aai’Lotta’Qua AbouarhNigeria5/2/1998Chiswick London W4WidowerBV984930/1
2Adenike AdebiyiNigeriaUnknownHackney London N1SpinsterBV21003032/1
3Akanni Jeremiah AdejumoNigeria31/03/2017Muswell Hill London N10UnknownBV21711076/1
4Solomon AdekanmibiNigeria31/01/2021Colchester EssexUnknownBV22207473/1
5Ganiyu Akambi AderintoNot specified20/07/2016Archway London N19UnknownBV21808132/1
6Richard AdesanyaNigeria20/07/2016Hackney London E9UnknownBV21808132/1
7Jeff AdhekehNigeriaUnspecifiedSouth Kensington London SW7UnknownBV22107842/1
8Isaac Ademola AdioNigeria17/08/2012Harrow MiddlesexBachelorBV21304418/1
9Julius AjidahuanNigeriaUnspecifiedIlford EssexBachelorBV2097929/1
10Julius Taiwo AkinyeyeOndo, Nigeria19/07/1995Derby DerbyshireUnknownBV960071/1
11Charles Ayodele AliuNigeria31/03/2011Solihull West MidlandsBachelorBV21213206/1
12Peter Ifeanyi ArinzeNigeria23/03/2000Camberwell London SE5BachelorBV2026061/1
13Folayele Festus AwosikaNigeria1/3/2001Hammersmith London W6UnknownBV2037690/1
14Olajide AyindeNigeria25/04/1997Hackney London E9BachelorBV974293/1
15Matthew BalogunNigeria31/12/2005Clapham London SW4BachelorBV2084437/1
16Henry BanjokoNigeriaUnknownHampstead London NW3BachelorBV2074183/1
17John Olaolu BankoleIbadan, Nigeria27/04/2010London EC1VHusbandBV21105049/1
18Tessi BelloNigeria15/10/2003Camden London NW3BachelorBV2051782/1
19Peter BensonNigeria1/2/2019Stratford London E15UnknownBV21918199/1
20Paul BenardLagos, NigeriaUnknownCamden London NW1WidowerBV2087609/1
21Eugene BucknorNigeria2/3/2021Brockley London SE4BachelorBV22108784/1
22Samuel Emeka ChudeNigeriaUnspecifiedBirminghamUnknownBV21201209/1
23Nathaniel DaviesNigeria7/4/2010Clapton London E5BachelorBV21211255/1
24Charles DixonNigeria4/8/2018Basingstoke HampshireUnknownBV21817506/1
25Enwukwe Graham Kwedi EdeNigeria6/1/2011Lambeth London SE1UnknownBV21106358/1
26Sunny Eyo EdemCalabar, Nigeria16/09/2011Ilford EssexWidowBV21114789/1
27Victor Adedapo Olufemi Fani-KayodeLagos, Nigeria15/08/2001Birmingham West MidlandsBachelorBV2026069/1
28Bose Abosede Elizabeth FigeBendel, Nigeria4/5/2008Paddington London W2SpinsterBV2085258/1
29Samuel William MacAuley GodwinNigeria25/02/2010Lambeth London SE1BachelorBV21106495/1
30Salamatu HarfordNigeriaUnspecifiedSouth Norwood London SE25WidowBV2091608/1
31Louisa HolmesNigeria24/05/2021Cheam SuttonSpinsterBV22201373/1
32Tamunokombia Morris IsodikiNigeriaUnspecifiedCamden London NW1Single manBV2011682/1
33Oyinoluwa Ttijesulase JesugoodnessNigeria4/5/2011Tottenham London N15UnknownBV21400247/1
34Ibidun JohnsonNigeria14/02/2003Peckham London SE15UnknownBV21307554/1
35William KadryNigeriaUnspecifiedFulham London SW6BachelorBV21200174/1
36Victoria MyersNigeria7/8/2010St.Johns Wood London NW8WidowBV21914328/1
37Mark N’WogoNigeriaUnknownSurrey Mid-Eastern SurreyUnknownBV93623/1
38Zacheus Idowu OgunsanyaNigeria29/08/2003Camberwell London SE5UnknownBV2040843/1
39Ifetayo OguntayoOgun State, Nigeria20/11/2016Upper Edmonton London N18Single manBV21705991/1
40John Emanuel O’HosiNigeria18/02/2007Leeds West YorkshireBachelorBV2071815/1
41Stephen OliyideNigeria20/10/2013Catford London SE6BachelorBV21508718/1
42Joyce OmoniNigeria28/02/2014Peckham London SE15SpinsterBV21503408/1
43Adeoye Kuyoro OnanugaNigeria30/08/2008Kingston upon Thames SurreyUnknownBV21609894/1
44Kayode OrishagbemiYola, NigeriaUnspecifiedNorthampton NorthamptonshireBachelorBV21202011/1
45Tex OrricoLagos, Nigeria28/09/2009Marylebone London W1BachelorBV20911088/1
46Florence Baby OsikpaNigeria8/1/2015Paddington London WC2SpinsterBV21501417/1
47Kate Blessing OsolaseNigeria9/9/2014Wednesbury West MidlandsUnknownBV21906100/1
48Francis OssaiNigeria21/01/2000Highgate London N6UnknownBV2064064/1
49Sunday OwolabiNigeria26/04/2020Whitechapel London E1BachelorBV22015871/1
50Gabriel Nduaguba OzokoliNigeria23/04/1994Edmonton London N18UnknownBV22005943/1
51Cecilia RickettsNigeria15/10/2010Hackney London E9SpinsterBV21110413/1
52Henry George Babatunde TaylorLagos, NigeriaUnknownSt Pancras London WC1UnknownBV2077793/1
53John UzomaNigeria14/07/2016Camden London NW3UnknownBV21815461/1
54Akinlolu Olaniran WilliamsLagos, Nigeria26/07/2013Sheffield South YorkshireBachelorBV21315131/1
55Akinola WillaimsNigeria16/02/2008Northampton NorthamptonshireWidowerBV2081939/1
56Nathaniel Babatunde WilliamsLagos, Nigeria22/02/2009Birmingham West MidlandsBachelorBV2092299/1
57Samuel Ademola WilliamsNigeria21/01/2016Wanstead London E11BachelorBV21808988/1
58Salihu Ajadi YusuffNigeria4/1/2017Leeds West YorkshireUnknownBV21713497/1

Has any claim been made?

A week after the list was updated on September 8, 2022, research shows that none of the deceased families has come to make a claim.

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A familiar name on the list is Victor Adedapo Olufemi Fani-Kayode. The record says he was born in Lagos, Nigeria on January 20, 1926. The UK government said he died as a bachelor on August 15, 2001, in West Midlands Birmingham.

Fani-Kayode is a popular family name that has been very active in Nigeria’s political system since the first republic. But we can’t verify if the name is related to the same family.

Making a claim

The government has also updated its guidelines on how to claim a deceased persons’ property, failure to do so 30 years after the owner died, will lead to forfeiture to the Crown or UK government.


The aforementioned unclaimed estates’ list in the UK should help family members to track and search the details of the deceased.


Photo illustration by Mike B

UK Legal Department (September 8, 2022). “Statistical data set: Unclaimed estates list”. (Downloadable CSV, 1020 KB)

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