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Can I Use My Old National Identity Card To Get NIN?

Last updated on December 19th, 2023 at 12:07 pm


Getting the National Identity Number (NIN) has been a major problem for millions of Nigerian several years the exercise was launched.

But the recent ultimatum given by the Federal Government that phone number that isn’t linked to the NIN will be blocked triggered interest of Nigerians whose SIM card risk being cut off from network connection.

The NIN is the first step in getting the National Identity Card, pathetically a similar project was undertaken by the government of Olusegun Obasanjo.


At the time, late Sunday Afolabi, a former minister internal affairs, led a project that launched a national identity card for Nigerians.

Several millions of dollars exchanged hands among officials, some of the accused were discharged and acquitted by the court until another administration launched a similar project.

Dubbed NIN, it is a database for the identification of Nigerians. The NIN is linked to your SIM card, bank account, drivers licence, visa processing, and international passport.

Can a holder of old National ID card get NIN?

Unfortunately, those who registered and got their national identity card during Obasanjo’s administration has no means of identity any longer.

Literally, it means the database for the old national identity card has been deleted, formatted, and gone for good.

It also means the old national identity card is no longer recognised by Nigeria’s government.

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What should they do?

Sometimes ago, a family member invited me, gave me his old national ID card, asked me to locate where the NIN is located on the card.

Unfortunately, the old ID  card has nothing of such, thereby making it mandatory for every holder of the old national identity card to register for the new National identity card.

The first step is to enrol for NIN.

If you’re still holding the old ID card, you are advised to visit any NIN Enrolment Center today to obtain your NIN.

How sustainable is the NIN project?

This time, the federal government is showing a commitment to addressing the issue of a database for Nigerians.

How can a country without database plan?

How could a country without a means of identity address the issue of insecurity?

We hope it won’t go down the drain like the former project. Nigeria has a big issue of continuity of project.



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