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Trusted Nigerian Online Newspapers and Their Official Websites

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There are several Nigerian online newspapers churning out hundreds of news every minute, however, we’ll categorise them in order of importance and reliability in this article.

No wonder we now have online newspapers in Nigeria and most of them in this list could be found under our whitelist domain because they have established locations, they are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), and abide by the rules of journalism to a very large extent.

Nigerian Online Newspapers and their official websites 2


Updated list of Online Newspapers in Nigeria


In this post, we shall categorise the above Nigerian newspapers online and their official websites into three:

  • First-tier Online newspapers (Whitelist domain)
  • Second-tier online news platform
  • Third-tier online printing platforms


Some of the domains you will later find in the third-tier list some times break the news before the highly-rated first-tier online platforms. While others are breaking the news, the first-tiers online news would want to verify the authenticity of such news before publication.


Irrespective of where we place your domain, it isn’t meant to malign your efforts or the reputation of your organisation.

Nigerian Online Newspapers and their official websites 2

First-tier Online newspapers in Nigeria (Whitelist domain)

Most of the websites under this category have been around when access to the internet was an exclusive right of the rich. They started as printing media and their publications could be found on newsstand every morning.

But as the World turned digital, they’ve also joined the train for their esteemed audience to have unbridled access to their platforms 24/7.

Some of them have newspapers App which can be found and downloaded on the App Store.

What makes them first-tier is because of their investigative journalism, visible and verifiable headquarters and most of them have correspondents in virtually the 36 state capitals across Nigeria.

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They are responsible for their publications, as such, they can be sued. They verify the reports before flying it online.

First-tier Nigerian Online newspapers and their original domains

Note: You could also find on this list online news platforms that do not have the print edition, but they have upheld the principles of journalism in a convincing manner and have therefore gained millions of audience over time.

The Punch:

Established in the 1980s by James Olu Aboderin, Punch Newspapers described itself as the most widely read newspaper in Nigeria.

The Punch official website is and The Punch App can also be downloaded from the Google Playstore.

The Guardian:

Founded by Alex Ibru, The Nigeria Guardian is one of the most authoritative online newspapers in Nigeria. Its taste for thorough and academic analysis has made The Guardian a top-notch among the academics.

Its online platform may not be per second updated, but any news or report you find on the online guardian is verifiable. The Guardian doesn’t rush to the press. And you can always come back on its platform to read an analysis of an event after the news.

It looks at how the news will affect its readers.

The Guardian official website:


Founded by veteran journalist Pa Sam Amuka-Pemu, Vanguard Newspaper is an authority in the South-South news with its in-depth analysis of events in that region.

With its presence online, Vanguard has grown to be the most updated online newspaper. The downside of this is that it publishes some unverifiable report on its online platforms, some times, it retracts such publication, even at that, it is still one of the best online newspapers in Nigeria. It also has an app on the app store.

Vanguard official website:

Nigerian Tribune:

Founded by the Late Sage Chief Obafemi Awolowo, tribune online is another Nigerian online newspapers you can trust with its update to date report of event across Nigeria. It covers the Southwest better than any other newspapers.

Official website:

Premium Times:

Premium Times is known for investigative journalism and analytical report of an event in Nigeria and the World as it affects Nigeria.

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Reports by Premium Times have led to hundreds of arrests and resignations of government officials who were found culpable in corruption acts. Its reporters and Editors have also won several media awards within and outside Nigeria.

Premium Times is one of the most reliable online newspapers in Nigeria.

Official website:


Founded by a former Editor at THISDAY, Simeon Kolawole, TheCable’s style of journalism is similar to Premium Times (investigative journalism). Through its reports, rots in Nigerian government have been revealed. It has award-winning personnel as reporters and correspondents.

Official website:

The Nation:

The Nation newspapers is owned by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the most influential member of the ruling All Progressive Congress in the Southern region.

Some call The Nation an APC newspapers, but the online platform has tried as it can to have a balanced report.

The Nation official website:

Channels Television:

Started as a TV station, but in every part of the world, every TV station has an online platform where their audience can catch up with breaking news and event as they happen.

Your first stop should be Channels TV online news when looking for a balanced reportage of an event and insightful documentary. It is an arm of the TV station.

Channels TV official website:


Founded by Nduka Obaigbena of the THISDAY Media Group, the online platforms of Thisday has a huge collection of reputable media personalities in Nigeria.

Official website:

The Sun

Founder of The Sun Newspapers is a two-term former Governor of Abia State and now Senator at the National Assembly Orji Uzor Kalu.

Its conventional print newspaper is notorious for its screaming headlines that catch attention in the most incredible ways. However, that’s quite different in its online platform.

Official website:


Complete Sports:

Established and designed for lovers of sports: soccer, tennis etc, Complete Sports has been around before the emergence of some of the online newspapers in Nigeria.

Official domain:


Started as an FM station, you can stream online. It is the most reliable sports radio in Nigeria. As such, its online sports news is updated every second, every minute with some of the best sports radio presenters and writers.

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Official website:


This is the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN). It’s a government-owned news agency which updates its online platform every minute.

It focuses more on writing a favourable report about the government that is in power. If you are concerned about the progress made by the Nigerian government in its policies, will be the best for you. It’s not critical of the government.

Official website of NAN:

Other first-tier Nigerian Online newspapers:

  • Daily Trust:
  • PM News:
  • The News:
  • Daily Independent:
  • New Telegraph:
  • Nigerian Pilot:
  • Businessday News:
  • National Mirror:
  • Leadership Nigeria:
  • The Nigerian Observer:
  • Daily Times:
  • Daily Post Nigeria:
  • Daily Champion:

So…Which newspaper is the best in Nigeria?

The above 26 online Newspapers are the best in Nigeria in terms of reliable and verifiable up to date news.

Second-tier Nigeria Online Newspapers platform

Most of the online platforms you find on this list also have a physical office address, but most times, they feed on the report of the first-tier Nigerian newspapers. Most of them do not have correspondents across Nigeria, but they’ve been consistent and successful in journalism.

They include:

  • Legit:
  • Sahara Reporters:
  • Pulse Nigeria:
  • Lailas:
  • Linda Ikeji:
  • Daily Mirror Nigeria:
  • Osun Defender:
  • Naija News:
  • QED:
  • Naija Loaded:
  • Concise News:
  • Blueprint:
  • Business News:
  • National Daily Newspaper:
  • The Tide:
  • The Abuja Inquirer:
  • The People’s Daily Nigeria:
  • National Accord Newspaper:
  • The Next Edition:
  • Daily Sports Nigeria:
  • Sporting Life:
  • All Nigeria Soccer:

Third-tier Nigerian online news printing platforms in Nigeria

  • Naija News Point:
  • The City Voice:
  • Puo Reports:
  • The Summary: Entertainment
  • BiafraNigeriaWorld:
  • Information Nigeria:
  • Within Nigeria:
  • Nigeria Bulletin:
  • Politics Nigeria:
  • Desert Herald:
  • Urhobo Today:
  • The Breaking Times:

The above are the Nigerian online newspapers we can verify at the time of putting this post together.

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