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Nigeria Police Salary And Benefits According To Their Ranks

Last updated on October 3rd, 2022 at 09:34 am

The Nigeria Police Force play a huge role in the internal security of Nigeria. On Monday, November 26, 2018, President Muhammadu Buhari, announced a new welfare package for them. In this post, we’ll tell you the old and new Nigeria Police salary structures according to the ranks in NPF.

Why President Buhari increase salary of NPF

According to the president, the current salary package was to increase the morale of the officers in the country for them to step up their internal security role.

“From Taraba to Sokoto, to the South-south, people don’t feel secure until they see the military.
I am pleased to make the increase in salary and allowances in the hope that it will increase the performance index of the police and strengthen Nigeria’s internal security system.”

The president was playing host to the Chairman of Nigeria Police Service Commission (NPC) Mr. Muilsiu Smith represented by NPC senior member Mrs Clara Ogunbiyi, a retired judge; Inspector General of Police Ibrahim Idris, and other top police officers.
The current salary structure of the Nigerian police was also extended to allowances and pension of police officers.

When last was the salary of police officers in Nigeria before Buhari’s announcement?

Before Buhari’s announcement, the salary of Nigeria police was last increased in 2010 by the PDP-led government of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, which was also extended to the military and para-military.
Based on the new salary package, there is a need to know the ranks in the Nigeria Police Force. That will assist us to know how much IGP will be earning, and how much a Constable will be earning yearly etc.

Nigeria Police Ranks

Ranks in the Nigeria Police in ascending order is as follows:

  1. Constable: This is the lowest rank in the NPF. The requirement for recruitment for this rank is generally O’Level
  2. Corporal
  3. Sergeant
  4. Sergeant major: This isn’t popular among Nigerians
  5. Inspector of Police
  6. Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP): The entry requirement into training of this rank is first degree (BSc, BA). Anyone who is recruited through this rank, he’s a potential IGP if age doesn’t run against him or her.
  7. Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP)
  8. Superintendent of Police (SP)
  9. Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP)
  10. Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP)
  11. Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP)
  12. Commissioner of Police (CP)
  13. Assistant Inspector-General of Police (AIG)
  14. Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG)
  15. Inspector-General of Police (IG): This is the highest rank in the Nigeria Police Force, and the peak any police officer can reach.
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Is DPO a rank in Nigeria Police Force?

DPO means Divisional Police Officer. DPO is not a rank, but rather an operational head of a police station in a specific location.

A DPO reports to the Area Command which is headed by another senior police officer popularly called Area Commander.

Now, let’s look at the old and current monthly salary of police officers in Nigeria.
NPF rarely, just like other security agencies, make public their monthly pay, however here are the figures we got.
Also, a rank which isn’t popular to Nigerians, Sergeant major, featured on the salary scale we got.

Nigeria Police Monthly Salary according to their Ranks

Details of the salary structure of the Nigeria Police are outlined below:

Ranks/Grade Level Old monthly Salary (Naira) Old annual salary (Naira) 2018 New monthly salary announced by President Buhari (Naira) 2018 New Annual salary announced by President Buhari (Naira)
Police recruit 9,019.42 108,233.04
Police Constable Level 03 43,293.83 519,525.96 84,000 1,008,000
Police Constable Level 10 51,113.59 613,363.08 86,000 1,032,000
Police Corporal on Grade Level 04 (1) 44,715.53 536,586.36 88,000 1,056,00
Police Corporal on Grade Level 04 (10) 51,113.59 613,363.08
Police Sergeant on Grade Level 05 (1) 48,540.88 582,490.56 96,000 1,152,000
Police Sergeant on Grade Level 05 (10) 55,973.84 671,686.08
Sergeant Major on Grade Level 06 (1) 55,144.81 661,737.72 119,000 1,428,000
Sergeant Major on Grade Level 06 (10) 62,204.88 746,458.56
Cadet Inspector on Grade Level 07 (1) 73,231.51 878,778.12 167,000 2,004,000
Cadet Inspector on Grade Level 07 (10) 87,135.70 1,045,628.40 254,000 3,048,000
ASP on Grade Level 08 (1) 127,604.68 1,531,256.16 271,000 3,252,000
ASP on Grade Level 08 (10) 144,152.07 1,729,824.84
ASP on Grade Level 09 (1) 136,616.06 1,639,392.72
ASP on Grade Level 09 (10) 156,318.39 1,875,820.68 296,000 3,552,000
DSP on Grade Level 10 (1) 148,733.29 1,784,799.48
DSP on Grade Level 10 (10) 170,399.69 2,044,796.28 321,000 3,852,000
SP on Level 11 (1) 161,478.29 1,937,739.49 342,000 4,104,000
SP on Grade Level 11 (10) 187,616 2,251,400.28
CSP on Grade Level 12 (1) 172,089.06 2,065,068.72
CSP on Grade Level 12 (08) 199,723.96 2,396,687.52 419,000 5,028,000
ACP on Grade Level 13 (1) 183,185.73 2,198,228.76 483,000 5,796,000
ACP on Grade Level 13 (10) 212,938.96 2,555,257.92
DCP on Grade Level 14 (1) 242,715.65 2,912,587.80 531,000 6,372,000
DCP on Grade Level 14 (07) 278,852.79 3,346,233.48
CP on Grade Level 15 (1) 266,777.79 3,201,333.48
CP on Grade Level 15 (06) 302,970.47 3,635,645.64 1.5million
AIG 499,751.87 5,997,022.44
DIG 546,572.73 6,558,872.76
IGP) 711,498 8,537,976
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What’s the latest salary of IG in Nigeria?

There is no official figure in the new salary structure, however, the Inspector-General of Police (IG) will now get N3.3 million annually as rent subsidy while Deputy and Assistant Inspectors-General of Police will get N3.02 million and N2.7 million respectively as rent subsidy.

Complaints about the implementation of police salary in the past

In a our research we found that several police officers in Nigeria alleged that salary increases were mostly enjoyed by senior police officers and those who are well-connected among them.

One of the police officers who doesn’t want his name to be mentioned specifically alleged that officers of the force posted in Lagos receive more than other officers in the country.

“For example my mate in Lagos is above me with N10,000,the same date of promotion,same increment. Some newly promoted ASP were paid N120,000 in Lagos, while Ekiti pay N111,84 to the same officers on the same rank and Grade level.

Some commands like Ogun State paid N116,000, Imo State paid N113,000.
Why should the salary differs? Only God can judge those who are mutilating our salary to satisfy their family.”

Departments of the Nigeria Police

There are nine departments in the Nigeria Police, each saddled with the responsibility of assisting the force in the day-to-day running of its units.
They are:

  • Finance and Administrative
  • Operation
  • Logistics and Supply
  • Investigation
  • Training
  • Research and Planning
  • Information and communication
  • Force Secretary
  • Force Intelligence Bureau

There are other units like:

  • Anti-Fraud Section
  • The Central Criminal Registry
  • Special Anti-Robbery Squad
  • X-Squad, General Investigation
  • Special Fraud Unit
  • Legal Section
  • Forensic Science Laboratory
  • Interpol Liaison
  • Homicide
  • Police Mobile Force
  • Anti-Human Trafficking Unit
  • Counter-Terrorism Unit

There are 12 zones in the Nigeria Police Force. Each of the zones is headed by an Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG).
How to apply for Nigeria Police Constable Recruitment (2020)
The ongoing recruitment is for the post of Constable, check-up to know the academic requirements to apply for this.

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General Requirements

1. Applicant must a Nigerian
2. Applicant must have a functional email address (Gmail is the best)
3. Applicant must possess National Identity Number (NIN).
4. Minimum of Five (5) Credits in not more than two sittings in WASSCE/GCE/N ECO/NABTEB with credit passes in English and Mathematics
5. Applicant must not be above 25 and not below 17
6. Must fit medically
7. Must be fit physically and psychological fit
8. Height: Male must be 1.67m tall while female must be 1.64m tall
9. Male must have at least 86cm (34 inches) expanded chest measurement
10. Pregnant female should not apply.
11. All applicants must be free from any pecuniary embarrassment
12. Applicant must print their completed online forms, guarantor forms and submit same at the examination/screening and recruitment centre.

Who can not apply for the Nigeria Police Constable Recruitment

  • A non-Nigerian
  • Someone with an impediment in speech
  • Gross malformation of teeth or jaw preventing proper mastication of food
  • Deformed Hands which cannot perform the full functions of the hand
  • Defective eyesight or squint eyes
  • Knock knees
  • Bowlegs
  • Bent knees
  • Amputation of any part of the body

How to apply for police Constables:

  • Step 1: Head straight to the online application portal of Nigeria Police at
  • Step 2: Input your National Identity Number (NIN) for verification purpose, your email address, choose a password and solve the simple maths to make sure you are not robot
  • Step 3: Click “Create account”
  • Step 4: Check your email to confirm your email address
  • Step 5: Fill and “Submit” the Online Form
  • Step 6: Review the information before final submission
  • Step 7: Print out the information that is sent automatically to your Email

Do not forget to copy and save your “Registration Number” for future correspondences.
The “Number” is case-sensitive, please.
You would be required to present a hard copy of the email message sent to you if you are shortlisted and contacted for the next stag.e of the recruitment process.


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