List of NIMC Enrolment Front-End Partners in Nigeria

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What NIMC Enrolment Front-End Partners Do

NIMC Enrolment Front End Partners (FEPs) are enrolment agents that were approved in 2020 to complement the roles of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) in providing enrolment services on behalf of the government in nooks and crannies of Nigeria.

Number of FEPs in Nigeria

At the time of publication, there are 71 Enrolment Front End Partners in Nigeria, including MTN Nigeria, Dantata, ZinCom Technology, and Slogani Consults Nigeria Limited among others.

NIN registration agent in Nigeria

Here is the full list of NIMC enrolment Front End Partners in Nigeria:

  • NOLIA (it has 23 centres across 12 states)
  • NA SAMUELSON (it has 20 centres across 2 states)
  • JOESON (it has 12 centres across 7 states)
  • DEFCON (it has 6 centres across 4 states)
  • Research & Data Solution (2 enrolment centres)
  • POMADE (it has 8 centres)
  • Service Management Consulting
  • Sanstonz Consultancy Services Limited
  • Etranzact International Plc (22 centres across 8 states)
  • Dantata (5 centres)
  • Digitalpulse Technologies
  • Kevonne Consults Ltd (10 centres across 3 states)
  • Volsus Energy Limited (26 centres across 13 states
  • Slogani Consults Nigeria Limited (12 enrolment centres across 8 states)
  • MTN Nigeria Communications Plc (and its 97 enrolment centres across over 30 states)
  • Knowledgesquare Foresight Nigeria Limited
  • Best Internet Cafe
  • Dune Engineering And Construction Company Limited
  • Basaleh Global Services Ltd
  • Andy Links Gps Data Tracking Services Ltd
  • Spherical Gis & Rs Ltd Enrollment Centers
  • Beu Synergy Solution Ltd
  • Abuchi Ed.Ogbuju & Co
  • AYGF
  • Data Formula Global Con. Ltd
  • Data Formula Global Con. Ltd
  • Biosecureone
  • Seamfix Limited
  • Murna Foundation
  • Thrixes Technologies Limited
  • Verifix Concept Limited
  • Solcorn Technologies Ltd
  • Successory Nigeria Ltd
  • Joreal Nigeria Limited
  • Spaceblog Technologies Ltd
  • Rovins Global Services
  • Samuiky Global Ltd
  • Ibolda Health Int. Ltd
  • Isah Nguru Ventures
  • Zincom Technology
  • Randaframes
  • Miandkay Enterprise
  • Joeson Consult Ltd
  • De’ Blue Shangarilla Limited
  • Akwa Ibom State Ministry Of Science And Technology
  • Verse It Services Limited
  • Moriahrock International Company Limited
  • Kruggerbrent& Co Nigeria Limited
  • Leema Investments Ltd
  • Multibase Investment Nigeria Ltd
  • Theo-Ict Integrated
  • Jetlink Limited
  • Improved Data Solutions Limited
  • Kt Nintocompany Nig Ltd
  • Amex West Africa Ltd
  • Pan-Dus Powell’s Nig Ltd
  • Biosec Solutions Limited
  • Lasventures Global Services Ltd
  • Interra Networks
  • Kimberley Matt Nig Ltd
  • Khahus Consulting Solutions Limited
  • Himbell Company Ltd
  • Simpson Venture
  • Cobaz Projects Limited
  • Excellent Word Foundaton
  • Friends Cafe And General Printing Services
  • File Solution
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Why NIMC engaged FEPs

The enrolment partners were engaged in January 2020 by the federal government when it was discovered that NIMC doesn’t have the human resources and enough outlets to meet the target set by the government to enrol over 200 million Nigerians.

The partners are empowered by NIMC to obtain, register and transmit biometric data of Nigerians to NIMC headquarters.

Before they were commissioned by the government to handle the NIN registration, NIMC offices in local government areas were not efficient and the cost of enrolment was not only prohibitive, it was not also uniform.

NOTE: FEPs are different from NIN verification service providers as compiled in this post.

Are the services of the FEPs free?

The Federal Government is expected to pay them month-to-month based on the number of registrations done on behalf of the government.

According to information from one of the partners, NIMC outlets were charging between N5,000 to N10,000, “whereas, officially, enrolment should cost (the enrollee) zero naira.”

So, in the wisdom of the previous management, they said, ‘okay, let the FEPs start to do it and nobody is expected to charge any money and they were supposed to pay them on a month-to-month basis.

However, it is reported that some of the FEPs have not been paid since 2021. They’ve also halted their services to the government until their backlogs are paid. NIMC promised to carry out a revalidation process before backlogs are paid.


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