Licensed Vendors for NIN Diaspora Enrolment

Last updated on December 19th, 2023 at 11:53 am


There are 35 licenced partners for Nigeria’s National Identification Number diaspora enrolment that operate NIN registration centres around the world.

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) commenced diaspora enrolment exercise in 2019 and vendors were licenced to help Nigeria implement its national identity project in the U.S., UK, Canada, and other countries around the world.

Role of the licenced partners for diaspora enrolment

The role of the diaspora licensed vendors for NIN enrolment is to help register and capture Nigerians living outside the country into the National Identity Database for them to get a means of ID known as the National Identification Numbers (NIN).


Here is the list of the diaspora enrolment partners:

  1. Derellz Limited
  2. IT Touch Limited
  3. Bobsak Consult Limited
  4. Verifix Concept Limited
  5. Biosec Solutions Limited
  6. Defcon Systems Limited
  7. Seamfix Nigeria Limited
  8. Venn Technology Limited
  9. File Solution/EYE-ID LLC
  10. Flexisaf Edusoft Limited
  11. Nigeria High Commission
  12. Skylab Fintech Limited
  13. Thebez Global Resources
  14. Premierpass Global Limited
  15. Ficoven Investments Limited
  16. Afritech Multi Concept Limited
  17. Basaleh Global Services Limited
  18. Pandus Powell’s Nigeria Limited
  19. Slogani Consults Nigeria Limited
  20. Basic Computers Nigeria Limited
  21. Deacil Professional Services Limited
  22. Digital Pulse Technologies Limited
  23. Eh-Led Global Resources Limited
  24. National eAuthentication Limited
  25. Joe-Han Network Marketing Limited
  26. Simplify International Synergy Limited
  27. Dantata Universal Services & VF Services
  28. Digiterhub Solutions & Services Limited
  29. Edit Global Industrial Services Limited
  30. Kevonne Consults Limited/ Iris ID Systems INC.
  31. KnowledgeSquare Foresight Nigeria Limited
  32. OAR College of Health and Technology Limited
  33. Dannon Investment and Management Consultancy Limited
  34. Ultra Technologies Solutions Limited
  35. UGS Technologies Limited/OrangeHook African Continental/Carvus
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Things to know about the vendors for NIN diaspora enrolment

The companies bear the cost of all infrastructure and operations for enrolment.

The NIMC services they render to Nigerians abroad are not free. They charge some fees.

All the companies are Nigerian companies with technical partners in the country where they operate just like we have more than 70 NIMC front-end partners in Nigeria.

The licensees are companies that have complied with the requirements for data capture and processing as enshrined in the Laws of the respective countries they operate.

The enrolment of Nigerians in Diaspora is in fulfilment of the NIMC mandate to enrol all Nigerians, Legal Residents and Nigerians in Diaspora into the National Identity Database (NIDB) and issue them the unique identification number.

Some of the diaspora enrolment locations are private firms, who are NIMC’s partners to help the agency achieve its objectives

Fees for Diaspora Enrolment and Services

Diaspora NIN enrolment is $50 for an adult and $40 for under-16 children.

However, there are reports of NIN extortion in some of the foreign countries such as the U.S., where NIMC partners charge as much as $70 for adults instead of $50.

It is a one-off payment because you do not need to renew NIN as you do for a passport.NIN is for life.

You will need NIN if you carry Nigeria’s passport to renew your traveling document.

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