5 Effective Ways to Pay Electricity Bill Online in Nigeria

Last Updated on February 2, 2021 by Ope Quadri

Do you want to top up your electricity unit? This is the guide on how to pay electricity bill online in Nigeria with ease right on your tablet device.

After the privatization of Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), Prepaid Meter has become a household name, on which Nigerians can recharge electricity unit.

What is a prepaid meter?

Prepaid meter is a digitalised form of electricity meter that allows users recharge electricity units on it, and give room to “Pay As You Use”

So, if you have PHCN prepaid meter at home, you need not fear about power supply officials cutting you off or disconnecting you.

When you’ve exhausted your unit you are automatically cut off, that is it. It can simply be called digital power consumption calculation device.

With the coming of prepaid electricity meter, the issue of queuing to top up your meter is over as you can now pay electricity bill online.

You can do this right on your Tab, Android phone, on Laptop or on desktop computers depending on the one you have access to.

All you need is to have an active data on your Tablet device or your Modem to get connected online.

So….Can I pay electric bill online in Nigeria?

Absolutely YES, get below some of the easiest ways to pay electricity bill online in Nigeria.

We’ve compiled five most effective ways to pay electricity bill online

  1. Recharging via your online banking platform
  2. Buying via buypower.ng
  3. Using iRecharge online platform
  4. Recharging using payelectricitybills online platform
  5. Buying electricity units using your bank’s USSD Code

Now you have a wide range of options to select from, let’s take them one after the other, the simplest first:

How to pay electricity bill online in Nigeria using bank’s USSD Code

“Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication technology that is used to send text between a mobile phone and an application programme in the network,” searchnetworking.techtarget.com

As USSD is used for making online transactions like buying recharge card, transferring to another account, you can use USSD to pay electricity bill online and recharge your prepaid meter online from there.

  • Depending on your banking, GT Bank USSD code is 737
  • Dial *737# on your line
  • From the option press 6 (Pay Bill) from the option and send
  • Select 3 (utilities) and send
  • From the listed power distribution company select the one application to your location (town)
  • Enter the amount you want to top up and follow the rest of the on screen guide.
  • Note that this isn’t available for all the power distribution companies.

Isn’t that simple and quick?

How to pay electricity bill online using GT Bank

Again we’re using GT Bank’s ibank online platform you can pay electricity bill online to recharge your prepaid meter:

  • Step 1: Login via https://ibank.gtbank.com/ibank3right on your Tablet device or on laptop. Alternatively, you can use your banking mobile app if you have it on your device (that’s if you’ve been using it before).
  • Step 2: Click on electricity payment
  • Step 3: Select your electricity distribution company from the available option. The available one are: Eko Disco, Enugu Prepaid, Enugu postpaid, Abuja Disco, PHED prepaid, PHED postpaid, JEDC prepaid, JEDC postpaid, IBEDC postpaid, and IBEDC prepaid.
  • Step 4: Enter your meter number, the amount you want to purchase. Check and cross check the details, and order payment.
  • Step 5: If you using the online channel i.e GT Bank ibank you will need to use your GT Bank token to finalise your payment.
  • Step 6: If your channel is your app, enter the necessary details and confirm your transaction.
  • A confirmation message would be sent to the phone number attached to your bank, while your prepaid meter PIN would also be sent within a few seconds.
  • Step 7: Head straight to where your prepaid meter is mounted and enter the PIN code that is that you received.

That’s one of the simplest ways to recharge and top up your prepaid electricity meter online.

How to pay electricity bill online on  payelectricitybills.com

Step 1: Head straight to the official portal of pay electricity portal, find it here https://www.payelectricitybills.com/#discos

Step 2: Right on that page is the list nine distribution companies under Disco:

  • Port Harcourt Distribution Company (PHDC),
  • Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company (KEDC),
  • Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JEDC),
  • Kano Electricity Distribution Company,
  • Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company,
  • Eko Electricity Distribution Company,
  • Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC),
  • Abuja Electricity Distribution Company,
  • Yola Electricity Distribution Company, and
  • Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC)

Step 3: The companies are represented with their logo, click on the one application to your catchment area, but note that the payment platform for IBEDC, Enugu, Kano, Abuja, Yola, Eko wasn’t working at the last time we checked (July 2, 2018)

Step 4: Whichever the working one you selected, enter your Account/Meter Number, your full name, email address and phone number and amount.

Step 5: Click continue to proceed on to the your payment methods arena.

Step 6: Confirm your details and pay:

Your meter token will be sent to your phone number after successful payment.

That’s all.

Head straight to your prepaid meter to top it up.

How to recharge prepaid electricity meter online on iRecharge

iRecharge is a third party platform where you can buy electricity units for your prepaid meter, buy data, purchase airtime, and make other payment online.

This is how to pay electricity bill online through iRecharge

  • Step 1: Create an account via https://www.irecharge.com.ng/and select whether you want a personal account or corporate account, the best option for personal use is iRecharge Plus
  • Step 2: Enter your phone number and your first and last name
  • Step 3: Login to your email to activate your link
  • Step 4: Click on wallet, and select the option “fund wallet” from your left handside, the purpose is for you to deposit money into it, from there you can begin to make purchase or top up your prepaid meter, or any other purchase you want to make right there.
  • Step 5: Enter the amount you want to deposit and click continue
  • Note: A service charge of 1.5 % applies on wallet topup transactions via card.For instance if you are depositing N200 into your wallet, then you’d be charged N3, meaning N203 would be deducted from your account balance.
  • Step 6: Below it click on Pay securely with PayStack allow the page to load
  • Step 7: Enter your card details and pay.
  • Step 8: The amount you just deposited can be found in your iRecharge Wallet, from your iRecharge dashboard, click electricity bill and enter the amount you want to recharge, prepaid meter PIN would be sent to your phone number and email.
  • Step 9: Head straight to your meter and enter it
  • Step 10: Go to your prepaid meter and enter the PIN, that’s all.

How to Pay prepaid electricity meter online on BuyPower.Ng

This is another online platform through which you can easily pay electricity bill online and top up your prepaid meter without stepping out.

BuyPower.ng partners include : AEDC, Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company, Jos Electricity Distribution Company etc

They are available in 12 Nigerian states: Abuja, Kaduna, Bauchi, Benue, Gombe, Kebbi, Kogi, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau, Soko, and Zamfara.

You can either make use of the bupower.ng app or using any of your favourite browser, but we recommend Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and other great browser that make form load ceaselessly.

How to set up an account with buypower

  • Step 1: Head straight to https://fast.buypower.ng/registerto register by entering your phone number, login to your buypower account after registration
  • Step 2: Enter the meter number you want to recharge
  • Step 3: Enter the amount you want to pay, select payment method and pay.
  • Step 4: Your PINwill be sent to the phone number attached to your buypower account.

Is there any other way to pay electricity bill online you know of which isnt included in this guide, drop your views and one of our team members would check it out.

Paying electricity bill online saves you a lot of time

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