Fund OPay Account With These 2 Easy Ways (OPay Products)

Last Updated on February 2, 2021 by Ope Quadri

OPay Account is a mobile banking account that lets you top up your airtime, order and pay for food, buy data and other wide range of activities in real-time online.


Opera products on OPay App

  1. ORide
  2. OBus
  3. OFood
  4. OKash
  5. Owealth
  6. EasyCash
  7. OCar
  8. Airtime, Mobile data purchase and bill payment.

In this guide, we’ll show your balance using the app on your device. It supports card payments with MasterCard, Visa, and transfers from banking apps.

The easiest is when your phone number turns to your account number and enjoy lots of services on the go. The good news now is that you use OPay USSD code to make transactions.

“You can now transfer money directly from any bank in Nigeria into your OPay balance using your phone number,” the company says. However, you remove the first digit. For instance, if your phone number is 070876543280, then your OPay account number will be 70876543280.

So how can you top up your OPay balance? Follow the steps below to get this done.

You can fund opay account in two ways:

  1. Through your bank App
  2. Through your wallet using ATM card

How to fund OPay Account  using ATM card

After downloading the App from Google Play Store if you use an Android Phone, fund your account either using your ATM card, and bank app thus:

  • Step 1: Go-to balance
  • Step 2: Click on Add Money
  • Step 3: Select Add new payment options
  • Step 4: Click on the card icon
  • Step 5: Input your card details
  • Step 5: You’ll be redirected to the authorization page for you to input OTP and you’ll be credited.

Fund your OPay Wallet through bank app

  • Step 1: Open your bank app
  • Step 2: On the list of banks, select paycom or OPay.
  • Step 3: Input the amount you want.

You can also transfer money from GTB to opay account or from any other banks to the mobile money app.

NOTE: Your account number is the phone number you used in registering your opay app minus the first zero. For instance, if your phone number is 07056767676 then your account number will be 7056767676

Repeat about guideline whenever you want to use any of the products and need to fund your OPay wallet (account).

After funding your account, you order OFood, ORide (bike), make savings, take a loan which is called OKash and recharge.

Owners of OPay

OPay is owned by Opera Inc. by a consortium of Chinese investors led by current Opera CEO Yahui Zhou.

ORide was first launched in the commercial city of Lagos, since then it has continued to penetrate other major state capitals across the coutry. At the time of this report, It is present in the following cities:

  • Lagos
  • Abeokuta
  • Kano
  • Ibadan

Relationship between ORide and OPay?

OPay is an app that houses various products of Opera Inc. You can receive money and send money through the mobile money app.

In this post, we’ll shed light on what you can do on OPay App which houses several products of Opera.

To use any of the above products, you will have to first download the App on Google Play Store, fund your account and select any of the products you want and start enjoying the comfort.

What you can do on OPay App

fund opat account

Some of the tasks you can effectively perform on the multi-purpose OPay app include:

  1. Ability to buy mobile data
  2. Ability to pay for utility bill like Abuja electricity, Eko Electricity, Ibadan Electricity, Ikeja Disco, Kano electricity, and Port Harcourt electricity
  3. Ability to order Oride, OBus in Lagos
  4. A simple and convenient way to pay for a subscription, e.g GOTV, DSTV and STARTIMES
  5. You can also order food using OFood right within the app
  6. Ability to place your bet on your favourite clubs etc

Opera Food (OFood)

Opera food OFood Nigeria (2)

This is designed for those who prefer to order their favourite menu from within the OPay App from top accredited eatery and canteens across Lagos.

Choose the nearby canteen when placing an order. You’ll also enjoy a mouth-watering discount on your order.

Just like Coca-Cola, Opera now has OFood agents across Lagos, it may extend to other major cities if it succeeded in the commercial city of Lagos.

Download and continue to enjoy OPay food promo

Opera Loan (OKash)

Opera loan OKash nigeria

There are several loan operators. They include PalmCredit, PayLater now Carbon among others, Opera has within its OPay App OKash for loan application and convenient repayment method.

You can get up to N50, 000 within 30 minutes on Opera Loan called Okash.

Caution: The last three times we put OKash to test, it was not working properly. When this begins to work well we’ll keep you updated.

 Opera Mobile Money Agent (EasyCash)

Opay Wallet

Sometimes called Opay Mobile Money agent, becoming a mobile money agent is one of the simplest ways to make money on the side in your community.

The EasyCash feature will appear on your app when you have been verified by Opay (PayCom), Opera Mobile money arm.

The amount of transactions you do can qualify you to get OPay Point of Purchase popularly called (POS machine) FREE!

Requirements to become OPay agent and get FREE POS machine

The following docs are needed to upgrade your account to be an OPay agent, see them below:

  • Download the Opay App on your phone and register
  • A utility or other bill dated no later than three months prior to registration as proof of your address
  • One passport photo
  • Your Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Copy of your national ID card, driver’s license or international passport

How to register as Opay Mobile Money Agent

A lot of guys contacted us recently how they could obtain the Opay agent registration form, the good news is that you don’t need any conventional form to become OPay agent and get free POS in Nigeria.

Step 1: Head straight to the official website of OPay at and by the top right-hand side, click “Become Agent” button

Step 2: Sign up on the page by filling the online form: Your name, email address, phone number, your state and agree to the terms.

Step 4: You will be contacted by one of its customer support agents.

Benefits of becoming Opay Agents

  • Access to a quick response from the customer service centre
  • Access to free POS depending on the number of transactions you’ve made on the app
  • A reliable source said plans were underway to support their faithful and reliable agents with a loan to boost their business, whether it will be interest-free or not we can’t confirm. We’ll keep you updated.

So, how do you contact OPay to resolve issues?

OPay contact details:

To avoid landing on the dubious social media accounts, below are the social media channels of OPay Nigeria in case you have inquiries.

  • Twitter: @OPay_NG
  • Facebook: (
  • Instagram: (
  • LinkedIn: @opay (

Do you have questions on how to get promo code for ORide or any other products on the app? Drop your questions below.

OPay USSD Code to send and deposit money

Opay USSD code is another brilliant innovation added to the Opay products for you to easily carry out financial transactions with the simplest phone in your hand.

OPay USSD Code to make transfer

The announcement was made by the company a few hours ago, which enables the user to seamlessly transfer cash, purchase airtime and receive money.

You must have created your OPay account to enjoy this feature.

What is OPay USSD Code?

USSD is an acronym for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. It is one of the technology ideas in financial inclusion and cashless policy around the World.

So, OPay USSD code enables you to carry out financial transactions on the phone number linked to your account data-free. You don’t need to have any sophisticated phone to use USSD code.

OPay USSD code is *955#

How it works?

When you dial a number that starts with * and ends with #, you are using USSD.

USSD code is the “currently the best available communications technology to deliver mobile financial services to low-income customers,” Senior Financial Sector Specialist Michel Hanouch said in one of his articles on

Benefits of OPay USSD Code

  1. To Send Money
  2. To buy airtime
  3. To make deposit
  4. Change PIN
  5. Help
  1. Send money: If you want to send money to another Opay Account or any local bank account.
  2. Buy airtime: if you want to buy airtime for yourself or on another number (any network)
  3. Deposit money: if you want to deposit money into your Opay account
  4. Change pin: if you want to change your transaction Pin
  5. Help: If you need help.

Other benefits of USSD code include:

  • Check account balance
  • Open an account
  • Card-less withdrawal
  • Generate a token

Check account balance

A customer does not need to go and queue in the banking hall or at the customer service section of the bank to check his or her account balance.

If you are expecting money from someone or you have just done some transactions and you want to check your account balance, you can simply do so by entering the USSD code designated by your bank.

Open an account

Some banks allow their customers who already have a savings account with them and will like to open current, fixed or domiciliary accounts to do so by entering certain USSD codes. The USSD code has made banking services easier for more bank customers.

Card-less withdrawal

In case you forget your debit card or credit card at home, or it is missing and you want to get some money via the ATM,you can carry out what is called card-less withdrawal from the ATM by simply entering a USSD code designated by your bank.

Generate a token

A token is a device that has become part of banking today. It is referred to as a second-factor authentication device.

When carrying out a transaction on the Internet banking platform, you need to press your token at a point and generate a six-digit number to consummate that transaction.

It could be funds transfer or any of the other services available on the Internet banking platform.

The Second-factor authentication available via the token is meant to protect your Internet banking or transactions against fraudsters.

In case you misplace your token device and you need to do Internet banking, you can simply generate a token number through a USSD code and consummate your transaction on the Internet banking platform.

How to use Opay USSD code

  • Simply dial *955#
  • It will bring your Opay wallet number
  • Your Opay account balance

At the time of publishing this guide, OPay is the BEST mobile wallet in Nigeria at the moment.

The launch of OPay USSD code by Opera, other mobile wallets in the market have got a huge task ahead of them.

How To Get OPay OKash Loan in Nigeria (Collateral-Free!)

Okash is a Micro-lending product of OPay where users can get a collateral-free loan within minutes right on the OPay Wallet.

Get Fast Loan On Okash Opay Wallet

In this post, we’ll show you how to apply and get OPay OKash loan in Nigeria within a few seconds without any document.


OPay OKash Loan How To Get It

Origin of OKash

The lending app or platform is owned by OPay, one of the subsidiaries of Opera Inc. OKash App was launched in March 2018 in Kenya where the mobile wallet is known by even farmers in the interior villages.

It is a platform where you can set up account select their preferred bank account, link their active bank card for repayment, fill out a set of questions, and get a decision on their loan application in minutes.

OPay OKash Loan

However, you may not all these in Nigeria provided you already have OPay App downloaded from Google Play Store on your mobile phone.

With OKash you borrow up to N50, 000 and payback within the time frame you agreed by.

Other available services on OPay App include:

  • ORide
  • OBus
  • OFood
  • OPay Mobile Money Agent
  • OWealth

So, do I get collateral-free loan on OPay Okash?

Very simple! We’ll guide you through how to submit your Okash OPay loan application.

15 Simple Steps To Get collateral-free OPay OKash Loan in Nigeria

  • Step 1: Download OPay App from Google Playstore
  • Step 2: Sign up with your phone number
  • Step 3: Login to the OPay App
  • Step 4: On the home page click Okash option
  • Step 5: Click continue. Agree by the Terms and Condition by clicking the continue button
  • Step 6: Click YES on the next pop up on the app. Click YES to another pop-up message
  • Step 7: Allow Opay to send and view SMS messages. ALLOW
  • Step 8: As first-timer the maximum you can take ranges between N500 to N6000
  • Choose the one you will be able to pay back
  • Step 9: Choose Repay Term (Number of days) for the interest to be calculated
  • For instance, for N6,000, the interest is N1,080 within 15 days.
  • Step 10: Select the purpose of taking the loan
  • Step 11: Click APPLY
  • Step 12: Give access to your contact, calendar, media and others
  • Step 13: Hit submit button for your loan to be approved
  • Step 14: Take a selfie or upload your ID
  • Step 15: Hit Submit button and wait for your loan to be disbursed to your OPay Wallet.

OPay loan application in Nigeria

That’s you’d receive an alert in when your application is reviewed. But make sure your ID or selfie is clearer.

Don’t also forget that you can enjoy as much as 50% Awoof on the recharge done on OPay App this Wednesday, November 2019.

That’s how to apply for OPay Okash Loan in Nigeria. Call it Opay loan and won’t be wrong

How To Order OCar Ride for JUST N200 on OPay App

You can’t be tired of the “O”: Otrek, ORide, OFood, OWealth, OList, OKash and a few hours ago came on board OCar, another product of the OPay owned by the Opera Inc.

How To Order OCar Ride for N200 on OPay App

OCar at the time of compiling this report is available in a select major city across the country: Lagos, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Benin.

Discount on OCar

It’s a new product, and just the way it entered the market when ORide was launched, there’s a massive discount to bully its competitors in the market (GoKada,

With the launch of OCar, its N200 to wherever you go within Lagos. ​ Note that the N200 promo is capped at N2000 which means the trip shouldn’t exceed N2000 to enable you to enjoy the promo of N200.

How To Order OCar Ride for N200 on OPay App

  • Download the OPay App if you don’t already have it on your mobile device
  • Sign up and fill your details
  • Skip the above if you already have the app
  • Login to OPay App
  • Activate the location on your device or manually select your state and city
  • From the home page click OCar
  • Agree to the terms and condition
  • Select take-off point and destination
  • Check the nearby OCar ride
  • Place an order and wait for the arrival of your order
  • Reach the destination and pay N200

Who are OCar competitors?

The dominance of Uber and Bolt is being threatened by the new entrant OCar. Recall that over the last five years, Uber and Bolt have the biggest market share with a combined presence in Lagos and Abuja.

The existing ones have continuously competed majorly on rolling out intimidating promos and price splash to win hearts of their customers.

But with the coming of OCar Opay into the market with its N200 discount, Uber and Bolt(formerly Taxify) have a battle ahead.

And OPay OCar might force them to change strategy or forcibly kick them out of the market or relegate them it seemed to have done GoKada with its ORide.

Gokada is still fighting back trying to reclaim its dominance, but ORide looked not relented on rolling out even more killer promos.

Where is OPay getting its funds from?

It first aggressive move back in July was financially powered by its $50 million funds, the same funding backbone say they have even more to spend.

OPay announced earlier in the week a Series B raise of $120 million led by existing investors Meituan-Dianping, Source Code Capital, IDG Capital, Sequoia China and GSR Ventures.

Meituan-Dianping is a Chinese super app which lets customers do everything from ordering food, booking hotels to buying movie tickets.

OPay App according to TechCabal already has 40% of the market share for food delivery services in 2019.

OPay is Nigeria’s Meituan-Dianping, a super-app that allows users to everything right on an app.

The questions:

Will OCar driver earn more even with the promos?

Or the promos are only meant to benefit the user and not the drivers?

And for how long would the promo on OCar last? Will OPay be able to sustain it?

Well, you can download OPay to enjoy the amazing N200 promo on OCar

Make 10% interest on OWealth Opay Savings by Opera

Do you know that you can earn 10% interest on OWealth Opay Savings? Yes, you got that right, we’ve tested the savings plan for two months since it was launched and we’ll share our experience with you on how it works.

OWealth Opay Savings by Opera

Owealth savings is one of the numerous products rolled out by Opera Inc since it stormed Nigerian market.

Owealth is one of the most trustworthy investment apps in Nigeria. It is competing favourably with the likes of Piggybank, Kolopay etc.

Why Owealth Opay Savings?

As you know, Nigeria is a very huge market and it seems foreigners know how to tap into the potentials of Nigerian market than multi-billionaire Nigerian politicians who prefer to hide their money in foreign accounts with creating wealth in Nigeria.

Before Opera incursion into Nigeria financial sector, no Nigerian bank give 10% interest rate on investment except WEMA bank through ALAT less than five years ago.

At the time of putting this guide together, Opay OWealth savings and ALAT give the highest interest rate on investment.

But Opay Owealth has a more relaxed terms and conditions, giving ALAT a good fight in the investment market.

Before now, the highest interest rate on an investment in Nigeria was 6%. Some of them give as low as 3% per year.

As it stands, ALAT has a competitor who is not for a joke. Opera looks determined to rake in all other investments that were underutilised.

NOTE: Virtually all the banking institutions in Nigeria have investment plans for their customers, but they are mostly popular among rich people who can invest several millions of naira.

Because one can only get something signifcant on a 3% interest rate when he commits several millions of naira. Most average Nigerians are not patient on 3% which makes that unpopular among them.

Why Opay Owealth will win investment plan in Nigeria

  1. It has more relaxed terms and conditions
  2. When you fund your owealth investment wallet, your interest is calculated every day, weekly, monthly, and yearly which is credited into your OPay wallet or balance.
  3. You will see in real-time how your investment is growing on Owealth savings. This isn’t available on Nigerian banks until the end of the year.
  4. You don’t need an economist or mathematician to do the calculation, as you input the amount you want to invest your interest will be calculated in real-time.
  5. To can begin investing with as low as N500

NOTE: What we discovered that someone who has at least N100, 000 and above to invest will enjoy Owealth Opay Savings more.

Owealth by Opay is not MMM!

The product is licenced by the appropriate financial authorities in Nigeria. You can decide to withdraw anytime you wish, or only withdraw your interest into your OPay balance.

How To Invest In OWealth Opay Savings to Enjoy 10% interest

To benefit from this, download OPay App from Google PlayStore and follow the guide below

  • Step 1: Sign in to your OPay account
  • Step 2: Fund your wallet
  • Step 3: Click OWealth Icon and agree to the terms and conditions after reading
  • Step 4: Top Up your investment. If your wallet is funded your OPay balance will be displayed
  • Step 5: Enter the amount you want to invest. Your interest will be calculated in real-time as you enter the amount you want to invest.
  • And click NEXT and CONFIRM
  • To see your investment, click on the EYE icon to display it.

After 24 hours, login to your Opay App and head straight to the Owealth to check your interest. Note: The 10% interest per year is divided by 365 days and what that makes is credited into your wallet every day.

Opay Owealth saving plan ss the highest in Nigeria at the moment with more relaxed plan using the power of financial technology.

How To Order OBus (Opera Hailing Service) for Your Trip

You no longer need to rush down to motor park any longer as you can now place an order for OBus, a hailing service operated by Opera via its mobile App Opay.

Order OBus (Opera Hailing Service) for Your Trip

OBus is for those and corporate organisations and individuals that want to embark on a journey within and outside Lagos. The buses are for hire with the maximum security while on the road. It is one of the products of Opera Inc.

Before its incursion into the Nigerian market, its mobile banking service dubbed “OPay” started in 2016.

Other products you can find on the Opay App include buying airtime and data, placing an order for ORide, invest through its Owealth investment plan and place order for food.

OBus, like ORide and OTrike, is a commuter transit service that operates using branded hummer buses for intrastate trips within Lagos.

6 things to know about OBus

  1. OBus trip fare payments are made using an OBus Card. It is a QR-enabled card which comes in different denominations
  2. Cards are purchased from OPay agents at different designated bus stops.
  3. To make payment for Obus, place card over a sensor reader inside the bus.
  4. The sensor then reads the ticket barcode which was generated through the mobile app before the trip and withdrawal will be made instantly.
  5. The OBus Card can be used for multiple trips until the credit is exhausted.
  6. Users can also make payments through the OPay wallet

How To Order OBus

  • Download Opay App from Google Play Store
  • Sign up and verify your account
  • Login to Opay app
  • On the home page, click “OBus icon”
  • Input your destination details and confirm the address. NOTE: Activate location on your device before executing step 3.
  • Time distance to the nearest bus station and bus arrival time will be displayed.
  • Get to the bus station to get a comfortable bus ride.

Ho to make payment for OBus

There are two payment options are available for the OBus service

  • OBus card
  • OBus wallet

If the Opera continues with the technology power with its Obus hailing service, other transport companies in Nigeria now have a big challenger to fight.

We are updating this post for “How to become Obus Driver” in Lagos. More updates coming soon.

OPay Airtime Awoof: Enjoy 50% Discount on Recharge

Opera has rolled out another killer discount recharge card purchases made on its OPay Wallet which it called 50% airtime awoof.

OPay Airtime Awoof 50 per cent discount

Meaning of Awoof

It is a pidgin English which means something that is ridiculously and unbelievably cheap and affordable. Or something you don’t have to pay for: something free.

In the case of OPay, it’s the cheapest discount on recharge.

How to enjoy 50% discount on OPay Airtime Awoof

  • Step 1: Download OPay App from Google Playstore. It is all in one app
  • Step 2: Create an account by signing up and verify your phone number
  • Step 3: Fund your OPay wallet
  • Step 4: Click on “Airtime” to top up your line or third’s party’s line

Finding it difficult on how to top up your OPay account? Find out previous article on how to fund OPay mobile wallet.

You can enjoy the 50% discount on all recharge: Airtel, Glo, MTN, and 9mobile.

The OPay airtime discount is the cheapest discount in recent time.

The hashtag is #AirtimeAwoofDay

NOTE: The awoof will be live on Wednesday, November 13, 2019. We can’t confirm if it would be extended beyond Wednesday. We’ll keep you updated.

In the meantime, you can now get a collateral-free loan on OPay App through one of its services called OKash.

Read the T&C.

MC Oluomo signs MOU with OPay (Photo News)​

The Chairman, Lagos State Chapter of the National Union Of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) Alh. Musiliu Akinsanya, popularly known as “MC Oluomo” has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)just signed an agreement deal with Opay and SONLINK.

MC Oluomo signs MOU with OPay 2

The agreement was signed a few minutes ago.

OPay Nigeria is the brain begin several e-commerce products in the country. Some of them include

  • ORide
  • OWealth
  • OKash
  • OPay Mobile Wallet
  • OBus
  • OCar
  • OPay international Money transfer

The OPay App houses all its services and promised that more services would be embedded in the app in months to come.

Meanwhile, Nigerians are started reacting to the collaboration between MC Oluomo and OPay.

MC Oluomo signs MOU with OPay infomedia nigeria

See some of them below:

CBN approves OPay International Money Transfer (Receive Money from Abroad)

  • You can receive money from abroad through your OPay wallet
  • It is faster and reliable

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has certified OPay to begin International Money Transfer in Nigeria.

Opay Agent nigeria

OPay is a mobile money wallet operator in Nigeria with its OPay App which houses other online services like ORide, Okash, OFood, Owealth and OPay wallet for the unbanked Nigerians.

Significance of OPay International Money Transfer approval:

  1. It means that OPay will begin to facilitating remittance B2B, B2P and P2P remittance services into Nigeria.
  2. It will be easier for global remittance companies to partner with OPay to help their customers to receive money from their business partners
  3. It will be faster for global remittance companies to partner with OPay to help their customers to receive money from their business partners from any part of the World.
  4. Residents in Nigeria will be able to receive money from their loved ones in abroad directly into their OPay wallet.
  5. Nigerians will be able to easily cash out their funds from their OPay wallets at any of over OPay mobile money agents in Nigeria.

OPay has over 100, 000 mobile agents spread across the country, it that isn’t the highest, it would be among the top 5.

OPay is owned by Opera Inc, the developer of Opera web browser and Opera mini.

TechCabal quoted the Director of Remittances Services at OPay Kunle Olamuyiwa as saying, “The plan is to distort the remittance space and ensure that international money transfer into Nigeria is safer, faster and more affordable.”

Mr. Kunle disclosed that the company is working with major global remittance companies around the world.

According to him, “We will start facilitating remittances to Nigeria with these partners, ensuring the best fees and exchange rates, speed and security.”

The OPay Director of Remittances Services said his company will roll out a big-bang promo in December with lots of prices for recipients of money transfer “who receive their money directly into their OPay wallets.”

OPay International Money Transfer Account Setup

  • Step 1: Download OPay App from Google PlayStore
  • Step 2: Setup your mobile wallet account
  • Step 3: Fill in your details correctly
  • Step 4: Verify your identity

Your phone number is your account number without the first digit.

Kunle said, “I can only advise everyone who has families around the world to get an OPay Wallet.

“They will get better value for these funds doing transfers to any bank, paying their bills, buying food and also using our on-demand transport services”

At the time of putting this post together, OPay has the following services on its App:

  1. OPay Wallet to buy card, data, settle bills etc
  2. ORide
  3. OBus
  4. OFood
  5. Okash (online loan)
  6. Owealth (Investment platform)

With this licence, OPay has now joined other CBN-certified International Money Transfer Operators in Nigeria.

We’ll keep you updated when the promo begins in December 2019.

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