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How to get Pngme e-float loan as mobile money agent (in Africa)

Last updated on February 1st, 2021 at 11:58 am


Here is another opportunity to get Pngme e-float loan if you are a mobile money agent in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya.

If you’re a Mobile Money Agent you qualify for this wonderful opportunity to expand your business in your community and partner with an international organisation.

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What is e-float loan?

Investopedia defines a floating rate fund as “a fund that invests in financial instruments paying a variable or floating interest rate.”

In a Tweet, Pngme says, “We are looking for Mobile Money Agents who want to be the first users to get a digital credit score and apply for e-float loans to scale their agent business.”

All you need to know about Pngme e-float loan

The company’s Android mobile app is officially launching in January 2020, that’s when it begins to issue e-float loans with the company’s partners in Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana once the app is live.

However, during November and December 2019 Pnmee will be enrolling agents into its beta testing program.

This way, agents will be able to create an Agent Credit Scores and apply for flexible e-float loans to grow their agent business.

Requirements for Pngme e-float loan

You must be a mobile money agent in Nigeria or Kenya or Ghana

  • Have a functional e-mail address
  • Active phone number
  • Full name as it appears on your National ID card
  • Must be resident in any of the country listed above
  • Age
  • Income
  • Name of the mobile money agent you work
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How to join e-float loan from Pngme as a mobile money agent in Nigeria

  1. Fill the online application form
  2. You will be invited by email to complete the credit questionnaire In order to get your agent credit score where you will be required to fill out a credit score application form and verify your ID using our KYC provider Smile Identity.
  3. You will be required to undergo document verification. This is the stage you will be required to supply supporting documents including your mobile money statements.
  4. There you are, if you make it through the above steps, you e-float loan gets approval and issued to you which will be credited to your mobile money wallet.
  5. Then you will be required to make repayments and pay interest in line with Pngme terms and conditions.

That’s how to get Pngme e-float loan as a mobile money agent in Nigeria. If you’ve been searching to friendly-loan terms to support your mobile money business, you can quickly tap on this since it’s a new way of supporting mobile money business on the continent.

About the company:

Pngme is a full-stack lending platform for financial institutions in emerging markets owned by Messier 31 Inc, with its headquarters located in 930 Alabama Street, San Francisco, CA 94110.

Pngme contact details

  1. @pngmemobile on Twitter
  2. @pngme on Facebook

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