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8 Best Tools to Compress PDF Easily

Last updated on January 31st, 2022 at 04:12 pm


PDF files are very useful for creating and editing documents such as magazines, brochures, or posters with an attractive appearance. And they are also widely used in the Administration. Consequently, PDF has become the most popular editing format in recent years, especially since Adobe made it an open standard.

However, the format has a bit its excessive weight. Especially when we have to send files by mail or by messaging tools.

To overcome this obstacle, we can use a tool to compress PDF while maintaining the highest possible quality, especially of images. These programs usually resize images, which means reducing the number of pixels.


PDF is the standard today when it comes to publishing documents, due to the graphic and style possibilities it provides.

However, you have the problem that documents are sometimes very heavy, especially for email. In this post, we show you the seven best tools to compress PDF easily.

  • com
  • Free PDF Compressor
  • com
  • Acrobat Reader Pro DC
  • Microsoft Word
  • PDF Creator
  • Duplichecker’s Compress PDF


It is a very efficient and intuitive site to reduce pdf size. Once we enter this web page, we click on the select PDF files button. It also works with simple drag and drop, from the desktop. Or they can be obtained from Google Drive or Dropbox.

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The system offers three levels of compression: extreme, recommended (which maintains the quality of the images), or low.

With the recommended option compression thins the file up to 60% or 70%. At the end of the compression, the user will be able to choose between downloading the new file or sharing it.

Another great tool to reduce pdf size is This tool is very user-friendly and you can complete your task within a few seconds. It doesn’t only compress but you can also merge, convert, and split your PDF files without losing quality.

In just 3 simple and easy steps, you can compress PDF, it is that easy and quick. You just only need to upload your file. In the next step, you need to select the image quality you want, compression and conversion speed, and resolution (PPI), and click on the ‘Compress PDF’ button and your compressed file will be downloaded in a few seconds.

Free PDF Compressor:

This is a simple free tool to download on a Windows computer. It can be downloaded in seconds and has a very clean interface.

At the top, we have a Browse button to find the file that we want to reduce. And below we can tell the program with what quality we want in the resulting document, depending on whether we are going to need it for web publication or printed media.

The appearance of this online tool is very similar to that of I love PDF. You have to press the Choose file button in the red window and select from the PC desktop or any other folder. We can also drag the PDF.

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Also, SmallPDF gives the option to import them from Google Drive or Dropbox. The system will give us two compression options, one basic and one more powerful (strong). Of course, if we choose the latter, they will ask us for email information.

Acrobat Reader Pro DC:

If you are going to work with PDF files all the time, and at an advanced or professional level, perhaps a good alternative is Acrobat Reader Pro, from Adobe itself, the creator of the PDF format. It is a program that will allow you to compress PDF but also to create, edit and even sign them.

Microsoft Word:

Microsoft’s word processor also allows you to compress PDF. For that, you have to drag the PDF and drop it into Word. The operation is likely to take Word a few seconds, which will be more the more graphics the PDF contains. Once this is done, click on File and choose the Export option.

Next, we will press the Create PDF / XPS documents button, in the right part of the window that appears. And when the menu to save the file as PDF opens, that’s when we can finally adjust the weight of the PDF by opting for Minimum size.

PDF Creator:

Virtual printers are also compliant when it comes to generating and compressing PDF. One of the most popular is PDF Creator, which can be downloaded to your computer from the official website.

Of course, we will have to give our email to do it. Once it is installed, you just have to open the PDF in the application, go in the main menu at the top to the Create option, and then to Optimize file.

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Duplichecker’s Compress PDF

This is an advanced online PDF compressor that provides you with an opportunity to reduce the size of PDFs. This tool allows you to compress PDFs without affecting their quality and formatting.

This compressed PDF utility is completely free to use and doesn’t need any installation from its users at all.

The user-friendly interface and unambiguous layout allow novices to shrink PDF size without facing any convolutions.

You are only required to upload the PDF on the utility, and that’s all needed from your side. The PDF compressor will process your file and give you a high-quality, reduced-size PDF file instantly.

Thus, these 8 are the most interesting options to compress PDF. The simplest method is to go to websites created specifically for document compression.

But there are also programs available that are downloaded and remain as an application on the PC. These tools are incredibly easy and simple. Try them and you will be using them again and again for sure!

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