30 Things ChatGPT Can Do Effectively

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ChatGPT can be used to perform a wide range of tasks. The chatbot is an AI-powered assistant and its output isn’t error-free, but its ingenuity has been praised across all sectors and has made life easier for content creators.

About ChatGPT

After its launch in November 2022, the OpenAI-powered chatbot ChatGPT has become popular among content creators, website developers, and copy editors, though its output isn’t 100% perfect, users have been able to find their way around the chatbots. ChatGPT makes you feel like you are interacting with a real human.

What can you do with ChatGPT?


If you know the act of drafting actionable prompts, commands, and queries, you will get the best output from ChatGPT. Here are the things you can do with ChatGPT:

Brainstorm business ideas

You can prompt ChatGPT to generate business ideas. For example, you can ask for business ideas based your location, your interest, special skills, and your budget.

Sample of command:

I have a degree in physiology with 10 years of working experience in public service. I am now retired and based in New York City. Based on my discipline and location, can you suggest for me the five business ideas I can start that are budget-friendly?

Write Customized Resume

To command ChatGPT to write a customized resume for you, provide it with your details and wait for it to come up with a resume that meets global standards. So, if you’re job-hunting, you should see the chatbot as your assistant

Get relationship tips

Artificial Intelligence (AI) doesn’t understand emotions, yet with the right command, you can use ChatGPT as a relationship adviser and your partner tips to manage relationships.

Sample prompt:

I have a partner who I trust so much that she knows everything about me, but I have discovered that she uses what she knows about me against me. For example, she reveals top secret about me to her former boyfriend. What advice do you have to offer to manage a friend who betrays at every opportunity?

Prepare for a job interview

You can ask ChatGPT to act as an employer who is interviewing a candidate for a job offer while you act as the interviewee. Give it the right command about the kind of job interview you are planning for.

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Sample of a prompt:

I want to you to act as the Human Resource Manager of a Telecom firm that is interviewing candidates for the position of Head of Operations. I want you to ask me likely questions as one of the applicants for the position.

Take note of the questions, you can then ask the chatbot the best ways to answer such interview questions.

Reverse the prompt:

Based on the last response, I want you to act like the interviewee while I act like the interviewer, can we start now?

Can you please walk me through your experience in the telecommunications industry and highlight any specific roles or projects that have prepared you for a leadership position in operations?

Translate content to multiple languages

If you write in English, your content may be limited to only English speakers. But with the capability of ChatGPT, you can translate your content into multiple languages to reach new audiences.

You can paste an edited copy and command ChatGPT to translate it to Germany, Mandarin or other languages where your audience might be.

Although it is possible for readers to use Google Translate or install translation plugin, using the chatbot can be a great way to give your wider audience a sense of belonging.

Write appreciation letter

So, friends, family, and loved ones sent gifts, called to celebrate you birthday or they attended housewarming ceremony and you needed to send out a special message to them to say, “thank you”.

You can ask ChatGPT to compose an appreciation message for you. Tell it how you want it written and the people are sending it out to.

Sample of command:

I want you to write a thank you message for me to appreciate friends and family who celebrated my birthday with me on July 8. Include in the message that their present an gifts meant the world to me. Make the message as short as possible. Do you understand?

Generate YouTube scripts

So, if your next YouTube video is about the types of leaf snail feed, you can ask ChatGPT to write the script. What the chatbot generated should not be the final, you should make adjustments where it is necessary.

Use it to generate email templates

Formal or informal email, ChatGPT understands your needs and could be of help while you devout your energy to do other things.

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Whether you want to apply to ask for permission from your boss to use the company’s car for event or you want to apply for a sick leave, the chatbot knows the kind of tone that suits your email.

Al you need to do is to provide the needed details and watch the AI-powered chatbots come up with actionable output.

Sample of prompts:

I want you to draft a permission letter to my boss about my intension to use the company’s bus during the wedding ceremony of my twin brother which is scheduled to place between August 27 to August 28. Please include in the letter that I’m ready to take responsibility for the fuel and the safety of the bus.

Complete your English assignment

ChatGPT can be invaluable in writing essays and other forms of English assignments.

With a copy or simply copying and pasting the question into the chatbot, it can generate great answers that could earn you “excellent”.

The best way to use it for assignments is to give clear instructions: what you it to include and what it should not include.

Write a 450-word letter to your friend who has been away from class for two weeks. Ask for reasons she has been absent and brief her some of the key things she missed while she was away.

Write business plan

There are premium business plans you can buy out there, but if you’re not financially buoyant, you can instruct ChatGPT to write a business plan.

For the chatbot to come up with a usable draft, you have to use prompts that contain details of your business.

Most time, the machine might ask you a few questions that would help it with a suitable plan.

Sample of command:

I’m an African textile seller with a registered business name, “Afrika Wears” located in Abuja, Nigeria. I’m seeking NGN10 million funding from a financial institution. I want you to write a business plan that has everything a standard business plan should have.

You might need to make corrections and adjust some aspects of the business plan that is generated by ChatGPT, but its output will make your task faster.

Explain a concept in an easy-to-understand

You can ask ChatGPT to explain concepts such that it will be easy even for a 7-year-old pupil to understand.

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Sample of a prompt:

I told my daughter who is 6 years old that I lost my Dad 10 years ago, but she seemed not to understand the concept of death, I told her that she can’t see my dad again, she didn’t seem to believe. Please, what’s the simplest way to explain to her to know what death means, do you understand?

Generate jokes

You can give ChatGPT a topic to generate jokes on. You can even command it to use a specific style of a popular comedian.


I want you to generate a joke for me based on the character of Mr. Bean. The joke should create a scenario of a boss who got late to the office.

Generate biography

Not just about jokes, you can ask it to write a bio that you can use. The best way to do this is by providing it with the name, date of birth, academic background, and some accomplishments of your subject.

Sample of prompt:

Can you write a biography of Engineer David Smart? He was born on August 20, 1980. He attended the University of California for a degree in building engineering and masters in structural engineering at the University of Texas. He received national awards from the United Kingdom government for his contributions to building engineering across Europe. He also featured as one of the most respected and influential engineers in Forbes magazine in 2022. Can you use this brief to write a bio?

Use it as a motivational speaker

If you mentioned the challenges you’re facing and ask the chatbot to provide succour.


I’m facing challenges with my content creation business, particularly in coming up with ideas. Can you motivate me on how to overcome this kind of challenge using a real life experience to get me back on my feet?

Write articles

Apart from using it to brainstorm blog topics, you can also use ChatGPT to write articles for your blog. All you need to do is to include details of what you want it to write.

It is important to note that you should go through an article written by ChatGPT to avoid plagiarism and for fact-checking.

Write Code

WordPress developers have tested ChatGPT and there are reports about the efficacy of the chatbot to write code. Unless you an expert, the tool may not be the best for you because if there are errors in the code.

Debug code

If you are facing an issue with your code, you can use ChaGPT to point out corrections in the code, it can fix error in code. Enter the entire code and ask the tool to debug

Summarize content

ChatGPT can summarize an article, just copy and paste the text of the entire document and ask ChatGPT to summarize it. Within a few seconds, ChatGPT will give a summary of the entire content in a couple of paragraphs.

If you are not satisfied with the output, you can ask it to regenerate the summary, you can state the number of words you the summary to be.

Translate text

ChatGPT isn’t only good at English, you can ask it to translate from one language to the other. For instance, you provide it with an English version of the text and ask it to translate it to German.

OpenAI trains the chatbot to support several languages, but we can’t the number of languages it support.

 Write poems

You can ask ChatGPT to write a simple poem for your kids or to suit any situation and watch AI on display.


Can You help me to draft an easy-to-understand poem for my 7-year-old? The poem should revolve around Moon

 Other tasks ChatGPT can do effectively are:

  • Data extraction
  • Draft workout plan
  • Use it as a safety adviser
  •  Use it for a dietary plan
  • Use it to ask general questions
  • As a chatting partner
  • Provide guidance on driving
  • Use it as a financial adviser
  • Solve mathematical problems
  • Use it to answer leadership questions


If you upgraded to the premium version ChatGPT Plus, you will get access to more features, but the free version has been incredibly fantastic about the things we asked it to do in course of writing this article.

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