What Is a Broken Authentication Vulnerability?

Last updated on December 28th, 2023 at 07:37 pm


The world of crypto lures any individual who has used it. The perks and benefits of crypto are large and this is the reason that the number of customers finding their new home in the world of crypto is no more a dream. Many new entrants have established themselves as experienced user and many experienced users have already acquired a fete in their life. But everything is not this good as it appears.

The rose bed has thorns and these are the points that make the digital platform vulnerable to threats and attacks. Many scammers are keenly interested in stealing sensitive information from crypto users so that they can enjoy what’s not theirs.

preventing hacking on the web

Every day, from almost every corner of the globe, you can expect reports of these kinds of scams.


Not too far, the banks nearby receive the same complaint wherein the data has been stolen by impersonating a legit person.

In this article, we are going to discuss several problems created due to attacks created due to stolen identities and related terms.

These problems are commonly called broken authentications and let us start the journey to understand this!

Broken authentication- An introduction

The common term used for impersonation and identity theft on the digital platform is referred to as broken authentication.

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The areas of weaknesses that cause this type of vulnerable attack are session and other credential management.

The sensitive login credentials and the IDs that are hijacked can masquerade a user. The attackers involved in such kind of act adopt certain methodologies that may appear legit to some inexperienced users but are very harmful to a user.

The term authentication relates to the verification of a legit user by recognizing it as a valid user.

Session management attacks

There are many ways by which a user session can be attacked by a scammer. One of the famous session management attacks is in the form of session hijacking.

The attackers use the session IDs of legit users and stole them for their purpose. Those users who forgot to log out of the platform after completing the work or transaction are most prone to this attack.

The other form of session management attack is in the form of ID URL rewriting which is a case of unsecured Wi-Fi.

Some other forms of attacks are in the form of session fixations and many more.

Analyzing the attacks

The most common form of attack according to reports from decorated authorities represents credential theft the prime.

The stolen credentials are easy to go with as there is nothing doubtful by AI in this regard.

Credential stuffing by stealing and then selling the sensitive data of users is the most common.

Another type is in the form of password spraying wherein the credentials are not stolen but the weaker ones are attacked.

Many people still keep their passwords as simple as ABCD. this should be avoided to prevent phishing attacks from the attackers.

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Preventing the broken authentication

The methods many of which are described here

  • For those members who do not log out of the platform, controlling session time is the best option. The session will get logged out by itself once the clock ticks.
  • The session IDs should be left deleted once the session is complete.
  • Session IDs should never be used as URLs.
  • The passwords should be a combination of numerals, alphabets, and special characters so that it is hard to guess the same.
  • The passwords should not be stored anywhere where they can be easily accessed online.
  • One should use the software easily available in the market to prevent data breaches.

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