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7 Simplest Ways To Buy Bitcoin On Luno With Debit Card In Nigeria

Last updated on August 26th, 2022 at 03:37 pm


There is no other convenient way to purchase bitcoin and ethereum than using your debit or credit card. In this guide, we’ll show you the step by step guide on how to buy bitcoin on luno with debit card in Nigeria and other countries where luno is supported.


This information provided here is not an endorsement because cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. Trade at your own RISK. We urged you to trade with extreme caution.

At the time this guide was published, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) was yet to ban crypto-related trading with bank account. As such, you can no longer buy cryptocurrencies on luno with your debit Card because of the anti-crypto policies in Nigeria.

PART 1: How to setup luno account

Step 1: If you’re just coming into cryptocurrency investment, then you’d need to sign up for luno account at
Step 2: Enter your email address and password. Choose a strong password that has a combination of upper and lower case, and signs highly recommended.
Step 3: Login to your email to confirm it

Step 4: You’d need to set up your personal details. Click on “SETTINGS”


Step 5: Verify your phone number, a verification code would be sent to you, enter it and submit it. Alternatively, you can opt for Call Me option.

Step 6: Move back to the personal details, click on upgrade. On this step, your Bank Verification Number (BVN for Nigeria) would be required. The process might be different in your country.

Step 7: This stage isn’t a must if you know your transaction won’t be more than N200, 000 in Nigeria.

But if you’re planning on transacting bigger amount soonest, it’s better to upgrade to level 2. This requires you to submit a photo/scan of government ID.

PART 2: How to verify your identity on luno? (For Nigerian users):

Make sure to use your name as it appears on your bank and BVN.
If the name you enter doesn’t match with your BVN, your account won’t be verified

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Your level would be set at Level 0 if you failed to verify your identity. That means you won’t be able to perform anything on the luno platform.

If you complete the first upgrade luno sends you update on your dashboard thus:

“You have been upgraded to level 1.
You can now deposit money into your Luno wallet and buy Bitcoin!

The following limits apply to level 1.
Deposits over all time: NGN 200,000.00
Withdrawals over all time: NGN 200,000.00

We will let you know when you are close to your limits.”

PART 3: How to Add Bitcoin Wallet To Your Luno Account

  • Step 1: Click on Add Wallet, you might be prompted to automatically add Ethereum wallet don’t worry, go ahead to add it.

You can then go back to click on Wallet in your dashboard, which now displays three options: BTC Wallet, ETH Wallet and NGN Wallet.

  • Step 2: Click on BTC logo to get Bitcoin Wallet: Transactions, Addresses. Choose addresses
  • Step 3: Click on create bitcoin address.

If you like you can name your address because you have the opportunity to generate different btc address for different transaction.
You’re done!
It’s time to fund your ethereum or bitcoin wallet using your debit/credit card.
Click on wallet again, under the BTC or Ethereum logo (depending on the currency you want to invest in) choose to buy to make a deposit. This takes us to the next part…

PART 4: How to Buy Bitcoin on Luno Using your Credit or Debit Card In Nigeria

The next step is to buy bitcoin with your debit or credit card and how to generate your BTC or Ethereum Wallet on luno.

Step 1: Click on “Home” Please make sure your local bank account has been funded before you proceed to the steps below.

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Step 2: Click on buy bitcoin or buy ethereum.

Clicking on this will require you to deposit money, so click on deposit money, which enables you buy from your bank in Nigeria and other countries where luno services are available.

Step 3: Click on Debit or Credit Card with PayU

Step 4: Enter the amount you want to deposit and hit next. You can buy as low as N300 worth of bitcoin or ethereum.

Step 5: To continue click on “Continue with PayU.” Enter your debit or credit card information. Small charges apply while funding your wallet via PayU, but the fee is fair to be honest with you.

Step 6: This next step requires you to complete your online transactions either by receiving OTP via the phone number linked to your bank account, or using your Banking Hardware Token.

Choose the method you wish to receive the OTP for this transaction and click submit
 Receive OTP (via registered phone number/email)
GTBank Hardware Token

Please check this box to indicate that you have read and agreed with the information listed above

*Please note that OTP is only valid for one transaction, if you want to carry out another transaction, you will be required to generate another OTP.

If you don’t have the hardware, tick the option “Receive OTP via Phone Number.” Don’t forget to tick the terms and conditions box to receive the code.

Step 7: Enter the code and submit, less than five seconds your luno wallet account would be credited.

Through your luno wallet you can specify the amount of bitcoin you want to buy. Completing this task, your BTC wallet would show your BTC or ETH balance.

That’s all.

If you encounter any problem buying BTC and ETH with your debit card, contact luno support fo help.

43 Luno supported countries (UPDATE)

Luno is a cryptocurrency trading platform where you buy, send two major dominant crypto: bitcoin and ethereum. In this post, we’ve listed luno supported countries around the world.

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Luno supported countries
Photo credit: Twitter

Before that, it is also very important to note that the luno is backed by Digital Currency Group, Balderton Capital, Venturra Capital, Naspers and several notable investors.

Important things to know about luno:

  • Former name: BitX
  • Establishment date: 2013
  • Current Name: Luno Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Fiat Currencies: EUR, IDR, MYR, NGN, ZAR
  • Founders: Marcus Swanepoel, Francois Paul, Timothy Stranex, Carel van Wyk
  • Supported Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH
  • Deposit Methods: Bank transfer, Cash, Credit card, Debit card, Electronic Funds Transfer, Bank transfer (SEPA), Interbank GIRO, Interbank Funds Transfer
  • Current Users: 3.5 million (November 2019)
  • Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
  • Taker: 0.20-1.00%
  • Deposit Fees: Varies by payment method
  • Withdrawal Fees: Fee varies

We’ve segmented its supported countries into:

  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Asia

Luno Supported countries in Europe

Luno is supported in 36 European countries. It is its largest market, see them below:

  1. Austria,
  2. Belgium,
  3. Bulgaria,
  4. Croatia,
  5. Cyprus,
  6. Czech Republic,
  7. Denmark,
  8. Estonia,
  9. Finland,
  10. France,
  11. Greece,
  12. Guernsey,
  13. Hungary,
  14. Iceland,
  15. Ireland,
  16. Isle of Man,
  17. Italy,
  18. Jersey,
  19. Latvia,
  20. Liechtenstein,
  21. Lithuania,
  22. Luxembourg,
  23. Malta,
  24. Monaco,
  25. Netherlands,
  26. Norway,
  27. Poland,
  28. Portugal,
  29. Romania,
  30. San Marino,
  31. Slovakia,
  32. Slovenia,
  33. Spain,
  34. Sweden,
  35. Switzerland,
  36. United Kingdom.

Luno supported countries in Africa

It is supported in four African countries, they are:

  1. Nigeria
  2. Zambia
  3. Uganda
  4. South Africa

Luno supported countries in Asia

  1. Indonesia,
  2. Malaysia
  3. Singapore

The above list is exhaustive as the crypto company said it plans to continue to expand in order to make its services accessible to more people around the World.
If you’re in any of the listed countries it means you’d be able to enjoy the full services provided by Luno, which include:

  • buy bitcoin and ethereum using your debit or credit card,
  • receive bitcoin,
  • sell bitcoin,
  • generate your btc wallet,
  • withdraw your balance to your local bank account.

To start performing transactions on luno platform, you might find one of our previous post, how to buy bitcoin on Luno with Debit Card useful.


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