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Last updated on November 28th, 2022 at 11:52 am


A few days ago, I stumbled upon ez-converter, a software to convert audio to video online and from there you could upload your converted video on YouTube and other video channels of your choice.

What landed me on ez video converter porta?

I wanted to upload on YouTube an audio documentary we did back in school, but I couldn’t until I landed on this free tool to convert audio to video.

Until I tried to upload the audio file, I never knew you can only upload video files on YouTube.


The system I’m using doesn’t have Window Movie Maker nor any other software that will enable me convert the audio file to video for me to upload on Infobase YouTube channel.

My search eventually landed me on ez-converter after more than 20 minutes try of other software which aren’t compatible with my old system.

What is ez-converter? is a 100% free online tool that enables you to convert audio to video with so much ease online.

Ez-converter is fast and easy to use right on your tab or android device, while there is a desktop application at the same time.

Can it convert audio to video?

Through this tool, you can convert mp3 to video, you can convert an audio documentary to video, and convert audio interview to video, without having to install or download any software on your android phone.

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Is there any other way to convert audio to video?

Yes, there are, but most of them require some technical skills to use. For instance, to convert audio file to video and upload to Facebook, you can create a Sound Cloud account.

But using that, you will still have to link such with your Facebook page or timeline.

But ez-converter makes it simple, and easy to use.

Who developed the ez-converter?

The free tool was created by software developer Nathan Townsend

How to use to convert audio to video

  • Step 1: No sign up, to account needed, simply enter to any browser of your choice, we recommend Mozilla, or Chrome or safari.
  • Step 2: Click on browse to select a cover image for your video. Select an image that’s related to the audio you want to convert to video.
  • Step 3: Click on browse to select a soundtrack and hit Convert audio to video.
convert audio to video

Within some few minutes, your audio to video file is ready for download.

  • Step 4: Click on download.

And now your video is ready for upload on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Check our video on YouTube after I converted it: It is titled, “Bronze casting in Igun, Benin-City.

The downside of this tool

You can not have more than one image as a cover image at the time of writing this review.

Also, you may find it tasking using this tool if you have poor internet connection.

Is ez-converter free to use?

It is free to use on Android devices, tab, but the desktop application is $29.99 USD.

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Next time you want to convert to audio to video, think of simplicity, choose ez-converter: No coding, No stress, No fee, completely free tool to change your audio to video.

EZ-Converter HD is Live

The good news is that EZ-Converter HD has been launched. In an email from Nate, the HD version was launched on May 2, 2019.

According to him, “I launched EZ-Converter HD last night, and fought through several technical issues related to running at scale. I am happy to announce that the service is up and running, and so far looking really good.”

The benefits of this premium ez-conveter:

  • Free 480p video conversions
  • 720p and 1080p HD resolutions available
  • Faster conversion speed
  • Less down time / errors
  • Enhanced security to keep your data private
  • Improved support capabilities

Go try it if you’re just reading about EZ-converter.

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